Band 8 IELTS Essays

The task 2 of the writing module is always a discursive essay question. You are asked to write about a social issue. Different kinds of essay questions are asked. Some of these are:

  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of something
  • Express your views on a given topic
  • Say whether you agree or disagree with a given view
  • Outline the reasons for a problem and suggest some solutions
  • Take a side in an argument

The task rubric may contain one or more questions. Your essay must answer all the points in the rubric. Your arguments should be convincing and relevant to the question. It is essential to establish a logical and grammatical connection between different parts of the essay.

Here at we have a huge collection of band 8 IELTS essay samples submitted by our students. Click on the links below to read our band 8 essays. IELTS essay topics tend to repeat. It is, therefore, imperative that you practice writing essays on topics asked in recent IELTS exams. Latest essays appear first on this page. We are adding more essays to this page, so stay tuned.

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Band 8 IELTS essay samples

  1. Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary schools
  2. Some people believe the purpose of education should be helping the individual to become useful for society
  3. In some countries, owning a home rather than renting one is considered important
  4. Some people think that success in life comes from hard work and determination
  5. In recent years more and more people are choosing to read eBooks rather than paper books
  6. Some people say history is one of the most important school subjects
  7. Nowadays many people complain that they have difficulties getting enough sleep
  8. An increasing number of professionals leave their poorer countries to work in developed countries