Nowadays Many People Complain That They Have Difficulties Getting Enough Sleep | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Nowadays many people complain that they have difficulties getting enough sleep. What problems can lack of sleep cause? What can be done about lack of sleep?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

In recent years, the number of people suffering from sleep disorders has increased. Many individuals are deprived of adequate sleep due to various reasons. In this essay, I will discuss some of the problems associated with this change and propose some solutions.

There are several issues linked to insufficient sleep. The most important issue is the lack of concentration in work and study. Many individuals who do not get enough sleep feel tired all day, and cannot focus on their work. Another critical issue is that it deteriorates their physical and mental health. Some people complain about headache and pain in the eyes because of insufficient sleep. To illustrate, according to a report by Times India, nearly 30% of Mumbai’s teenagers and adults suffer from insufficient sleep as they spend a lot of time on work, and on using social media applications on mobile phones.

On the bright side, there are steps that can be taken to resolve this issue. One significant solution is to maintain a proper work-life balance. That is to say, people should spend quality time with their family, and should avoid working extra hours in offices. Another viable / recommended solution is to reduce the time they spend on watching television or on social media applications. This time instead can be used in doing yoga or meditation, which helps in improving sleep quality.

In conclusion, insufficient sleep is a serious issue which can result in loss of focus and other health problems. However, there are viable solutions available in the form of work-life balance and physical exercise, which can help in solving this problem.

Band 8 IELTS essay sample 2

Nowadays, lots of people are not able to get the desired amount of sleep due to their hectic lifestyle. As a result, they are facing various issues. However, there are several ways to overcome sleep deprivation. In the following paragraphs, I will discuss the problems caused by sleep deprivation and some tips for getting good sleep.

When people do not get enough sleep, it affects physical and mental health. Sleep deprived people are more likely to suffer from fatigue and irritation. It also affects people’s performance at work by reducing their concentration. Worse still, if people who drive vehicles or operate heavy machinery are sleep deprived, they might even have accidents. So, obviously, sleep is important. Without getting adequate sleep, it is not possible to recharge our batteries and wake up feeling refreshed and energetic in the morning.

On the bright side, there are several viable techniques that people can try to improve their chances of getting enough sleep. People should establish a proper bedtime routine. They should avoid using gadgets in the hours prior to sleep. The light emitted by these devices is known to upset the sleep cycle of people. People should get physically active. Working out regularly enables people to get good sleep. They can also try relaxation techniques like meditation. Eating healthy and maintaining good work-life balance also allow people to keep their stress levels down and get good sleep at night.

In conclusion, not getting enough sleep can affect people’s health and well-being and make them irritable and depressed. By simply establishing a proper bedtime routine, getting physically active and reducing stress levels, people can sleep better and feel refreshed.

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  1. shima says:

    Hi, i am really interested in the way some of my writing practices are in the same subject to yours.
    again i would be happy to heard from you about it.

    Sleeplessness is one of the primary forces contributing to the health problems both mentally and physically. Depression, named mother of mental diseases by most scientists, control mind of victim and destroy all parts of its body step by step. On the other aspect, physical illnesses derived from insomnia such as obesity appear slightly and without pain, but they are most likely to weaken the functions of other body parts slowly like unbalanced heart beating.

    Moreover, most night owls have been suffering from unsuitable or even deteriorate performance at day long. A good example is failure in focusing and unawareness, loosing some important chances in life or destroy opportunities. For instance, failure in fortune-maker university entrance exam which could change at least 4 year of one’s educational future.

    Methods to cope with mentioned problems are many, but the most effective ones are in fact not remote and complicate. By growing technology, health sciences contribute to address the depression by an array of pills, approaching different aspects of mental disorders. Furthermore, as far as physical diseases are concerned, the only effective solution is gaining standard diet and increasing regular exercises. Regarding reduction in performance level, the best way is controlling the root cause of insomniac, but to maintain performance level well temporary, especially at work, drinking coffee is recommended.

    • Manjusha Nambiar says:

      This seems band 6 to me.

      • rahul says:

        Nowadays many people complain that they have difficulties getting enough sleep. What problems can lack of sleep cause? What can be done about lack of sleep?

        In recent years, there are regular complaints by many people regarding the difficulties they face with an insufficient amount of sleep. The main problem it can cause is related to human health, and the most effective solution to the above problem is the adaptation of regular physical activities.

        One evident problem caused by lack of sleeping hours is related to health deprivation. Individuals can suffer headaches, laziness, and stress due to an inadequate amount of sleep which can further affect their day-to-day working patterns. Also, these problems can lead to more bizarre concerns resulting in insomnia and weakness of eyesight. For instance, data published by The United States of America in the year 2019 states that 27% of the world’s population faces severe eyesight and other health-related concerns because they have difficulties getting enough sleep.

        The most effective solution to the above difficulty is to include physical activities in the daily routine. Several types of exercises can help in maintaining sleep balance by enhancing concentration power and improving hormonal balance. Exercises such as Yoga, Running, and stretching can relief the mind and enhance blood circulation in the human body which can provide them enough bedtime for relaxation. For example, data published by The Wuhan University, China proves that 69% of their countrymen performed regular physical activities in the year 2019 which improved their sleep hours drastically, thus decreases health issues.

        In conclusion, although there are several health problems caused due to inadequate sleeping hours, routine exercise patterns can help overcome these disorders effectively and efficiently.

  2. Ricardo C says:

    Currently, sleeping well is a big concern in society as many people are struggling to have enough sleep. Health problems can result from lack of sleep as people might become more stressed and less aware during the day. Despite the difficulties there are solutions available that people can use as sleep routines to have better nights resting.

    Difficulties in sleep is a very frequent issue nowadays which can lead to people facing health problems and becoming more distracted from reality. Not having enough rest during the night can make us more stressed during the day, which might be prejudicial for ourselves. As an example, a person that does not sleep well for months will become more stressed and this stress can lead to some critical diseases as, heart diseases, depression, Alzheimer and even cause a premature death. Problems in our problem-solving capacity can occur as we will be more tired and easily distracted. Thus, for the reasons above, lack of sleep can result in several issues for our health and life in general.

    Following a sleep routine can be very helpfully for everyone, especially for people that struggle with difficulties in sleep. This routine can make us more relaxed and with a more positive and open mind to face our days. As part a routine people can, avoid technologies (blue light), as mobile phone, one hour before sleep, practice meditation, have a specific hour to sleep, as going to bed at 11pm and wake up at 7am every day, etc. Only by following the previous routines, and even add some more, I believe that we can improve a lot our night of sleep, including to have a better performance in life.

    In conclusion, problems with people not having enough sleep are increasing day by day around the world. We should be more aware of the several problems that can occur due to the lack of sleep and, instead complaining we should focus more on what can be done to fight these difficulties finding routines that will help us in sleeping well.

  3. Gowdham Eswaran says:

    The mental and physical health of a person also depends on the amount of sleep he does every day. In recent times, several individuals lament that they have problems getting sufficient sleep. Insufficient sleep would cause many health problems and this increases with the age. The impending essay will elaborate on problems and solutions associated with drowsing.

    There are multiple complications that occur due to a lack of good sleep. The primary problem is this creates many health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure and severe headache. Insufficient sleep leads to improper digestion and blood flow to the heart. This results in health issues due to differences in sugar levels in the blood which causes blood pressure and diabetes. For example, a recent journal published by the medical association reveals that lack of sleep is one of the reasons for diabetes in young people. Moreover, students and working professionals will not able to concentrate properly on classes and workplaces respectively without proper sleep. They tend to feel sleepy intermittently and their mind will not be attentive to do effective work. As a result, their career gets affected due to this.

    Even though there are numerous problems related to short nap, there are several ways to resolve it. To begin with, practicing a proper routine of going to bed early and early rise will make one’s body comfortable to get sufficient sleep. This can be achieved by making a plan to prioritize our works and fixing a time to sleep every day. For example, recent conference on health announced that following a planned routine for 21 days will make it a habit for human being. Furthermore, people mainly adults should restrict themselves the usage of mobile phone for long time especially after going to bed. This causes the ray to get into their eyes and reduces the sleep. For example, mobile phone emit infra-red rays which makes our brain to believe that the night to be a day.

    In conclusion, although there are several problems associated with the drowsing, it is undeniable that there are numerous solutions to overcome them. People should be taught about the benefits of a good sleep right from their school level for a healthier society.

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