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How to improve your band score?
Why time management is essential for success in the IELTS test?


Recent IELTS exams
IELTS speaking and writing test in India and Egypt – December 2012
IELTS speaking and writing test in Perth, Australia
IELTS test in Saudi Arabia (academic module)
IELTS test in Bangladesh – February 2012
IELTS test in Australia – January 2012 (academic module)
IELTS test in Brazil in February 2012 (academic module)
IELTS speaking and writing test in the UK in January 2012
IELTS test in India and Saudi Arabia
IELTS test in Canada – January 2012 (General training)
IELTS test in the UAE – January 2012 (Academic module)
IELTS test in Taiwan in January 2012 – academic module
IELTS test in the UK in January 2012
IELTS test in Australia and Malaysia – January 2012 (Academic module)
IELTS test in Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia – January 2012 (General training)
IELTS Speaking test in Vietnam August 2011
IELTS Speaking test in Australia
IELTS Speaking test questions
IELTS speaking questions with answers

IELTS Reading Success Tips
How to answer the Yes / No questions in the IELTS speaking test?

IELTS Writing

IELTS Letters

IELTS Model Letter 1
IELTS Model Letter 2
IELTS Model Letter 3
IELTS Sample letter 4
IELTS Sample Letter 5
IELTS Sample Letter 6
IELTS sample letter 7

IELTS Writing: Sample Report 1
IELTS writing: sample report 2
IELTS sample report 3

IELTS essays

IELTS essay: Are multinational companies good for the economies of developing countries?IELTS Essay with answer: Is it good for children to be brought up by their grandparents?
IELTS Essay: Should governments give financial assistance to artists?
IELTS Essay: Some people think that it is our moral duty to help the poor. Do you agree?
IELTS Essay: Why do people watch foreign films first, before locally produced films? Do you think that government investment in the film industry is a good idea?
IELTS Essay: Should ads targeting kids be banned?
IELTS Model essay: The number of older people is increasing. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?

IELTS Questions

Questions asked on an IELTS test in India
IELTS test in Algeria
IELTS test in Pakistan – October 2011 (Academic module)
IELTS test in Australia
IELTS test in Lahore in November 2011 (Academic Module)
IELTS test in the UK in December 2011
IELTS Grammar Mistakes
IELTS common mistakes
IELTS Grammar mistakes – mistakes with adjectives

IELTS Vocabulary
IELTS vocabulary exercise 1
IELTS Vocabulary practice test 2
IELTS Vocabulary Idioms and Expressions
Phrasal verbs with bear
Phrasal verbs with break