In Recent Years, More And More People Are Choosing To Read eBooks Rather Than Paper Books

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These days, a number of individuals prefer to read e-books rather than traditional paper books. While I do admit that this practice has some downsides, in my opinion, this is largely a beneficial trend.

The main disadvantage of eBooks is that they are not exactly eye-friendly. Of course, new technologies have emerged and newer eBook readers do not cause much eye strain. Even so, reading eBooks for hours on end can be tiring for the eyes. Another downside is that in order to read an eBook we need a compatible device with power supply and perhaps an internet connection. If we run out of battery power or are in an area where internet connectivity is not available, we will not be able to read.

On the other hand, eBooks are environment friendly, inexpensive, and convenient. Trees are cut down to produce paper. Since, no paper is required for e-books, they help to save our environment. Furthermore, eBooks are cheaper and convenient to read. We can read an eBook anytime and anywhere on our mobile devices or tablets. For instance, hundreds of eBooks can be stored on a portable device like a tablet or phone.  This makes eBooks convenient to read on the go. In short, in my opinion, eBooks have many advantages that make them preferable to printed books.

In conclusion, eBooks do have some downsides as they need a special device to read. Even so, in my opinion, the benefits offered by them outweigh the disadvantages. Hence, I am more inclined to believe that the popularity of eBooks is a positive development.

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