Some People Say History Is One Of The Most Important School Subjects

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According to some people history should definitely be among the most important subjects taught at school. Others, however, insist that in the technologically advanced world, subjects like science or technology are even more important than history. In my opinion, both history and science should be given equal priority in the school curriculum.

There is a lot more to history than names and dates. It is our story. It shows us how we reached where we are today. It teaches us why we must not repeat the mistakes of our ancestors. More importantly, history can be a source of pride for the newer generation. India, for example, has a glorious history. It is true that the nation suffered a lot under the colonial rule. Still, Indians are proud of their history. Even today, this shared history plays a crucial role in keeping the nation united. There are several other countries with a history worth being proud of. For some nations, history is a source of shame because of the atrocities committed by their forefathers. Still, they teach history at school to prevent their upcoming generations from committing the same offences. Obviously, there are several benefits to teaching and learning history at school.

On the other hand, subjects like science and technology are equally, if not more, important. Without science and technology, we will not be able to enjoy the progress we have achieved today. Also, numerous jobs are available in the field of science and technology. That is another reason to prioritize them. No nation can progress if they do not give adequate importance to science. Therefore, the school curriculum should have science and technology as core subjects. This, however, does not mean that history should be eliminated from the syllabus. At the school level, a variety of subject should be taught. At university, preference can certainly be given to science or technology.

In short, history is as important as any other subject at the school level. At school, there is no need to impart specialist knowledge to children. Rather the focus must be on teaching them all subjects that are relevant to them. Science and technology can be given greater importance at the university level.

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