Some People Think That Success In Life Comes From Hard Work And Determination, While Others Think That There Are More Important Factors Such As Money And Appearance | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that success in life comes from hard work and determination, while others think that there are more important factors such as money and appearance. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

According to some people, if you work hard and possess enough determination, you will achieve success in life. Others, however, insist that money and looks play a greater role in helping a person succeed. In my opinion, both views have their merits. While good looks or money alone cannot help a person succeed, in many fields hard work or determination is not sufficient either.

When you work hard with determination, your chances of success increase exponentially. For example, students who work hard have higher chances of succeeding in competitive exams. Likewise, in the field of science and technology hard work and the never say die spirit are the main factors that help a person succeed. A scientist or a technocrat does not have to be handsome or beautiful to succeed. Likewise, an entrepreneur, doctor or lawyer does not have to have attractive looks. So, obviously, in fields like these hard work and determination are definitely the key to success.

However, there are certain other fields where good looks or wealth can help a person succeed. In show business, for example, attractive looks play a huge role. Good looks are extremely important for someone who wants to be an actor or television show host. Money can also help one buy success. Rich kids often get to study in ivy colleges even if they are not particularly brilliant. The connections they make there help them achieve greater success in future. In addition, they have capital to invest so success comes to them more easily.

Even in fields like medicine, law or business, attractive looks improve a hardworking person’s success substantially. Clients may prefer a good looking attorney to a plain looking attorney. Good looks also enhance a person’s self confidence. They are not exactly afraid of rejection and this confidence also plays a crucial role in boosting their success.

In conclusion, in some fields hard work and determination are enough to achieve success. However, there are certain other fields where looks matter more. That said, good looks or money alone will not suffice. Attractive and rich people also have to try although they have it a whole lot easier.

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Some people think that success in life comes from hard work and determination – Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It is certainly true that there are numerous factors behind every success. Some people deem that hard work and persistence are the primary factors which help a person to achieve success but others argue that financial status and looks are more important. In my opinion, both views are valid as a combination of perseverance and money is needed to achieve success.

People have valid reasons to support the view that hard work and ambition are the main key to success in life. Firstly, everyone has to do hard work to acquire knowledge and experience because one can receive money and support from one’s family but, to get experience and skills one has to make efforts on one’s own. For instance, students have to study to pass the examinations; their parents cannot study on their behalf. Secondly, no target can be achieved without determination because persistence is the key to victory. So, one must have a strong will power to give one’s hundred percent to a goal.

On the other hand, people who advocate that good looks and money are important for success believe that good looks increase one’s confidence which is a predominant factor of success. Nobody can accomplish even a small task, if they do not consider themselves capable. Therefore, confidence is a must to win every race. Apart from this, money is considered important because it provides initial support to start a career. People who are not financially secure / stable have to start things from scratch. In this way, money saves time and energy of initiators.

To wrap up, people have to face so many difficulties to achieve success and not all problems can be tackled by money or hard work alone. That is why I think that all factors are important to be successful.

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