Some People Believe The Purpose Of Education Should Be Helping The Individual To Become Useful For Society

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According to some people, the objective of education is to produce individuals who can serve the society. On the other hand, others think it should help individuals to achieve their personal goals. In this essay I will discuss both sides of the argument and explain why I believe that education should help individuals fulfill their goals and aspirations in life.

One of the main reasons why education plays a very important role in society is that it gives people an opportunity to help other people. For example, educated people can serve the society in so many ways. They can teach the younger generation and thus help to shape their future. Professionals like doctors and engineers are indispensable for the development of any society. Education also helps people distinguish right from wrong. It teaches them about their rights and responsibilities. Needless to say, educated societies all over the world tend to be more prosperous and peaceful. So, obviously, education makes people useful members of the society.

Even so, in my opinion, education should primarily be a means for people to achieve their personal goals. Everyone has their own dreams to fulfil and the education they receive should help them achieve that. Hence, people should be allowed to study whatever they want regardless of whether it is useful for the society or not. The truth is that every occupation benefits the society in some way or the other and consequently it is hard to say that a doctor is more useful than an accountant or a salesperson. They all serve the society in different ways and each one’s contribution is beneficial. Also, it takes a lot of time and effort to become a graduate or post graduate. Education is expensive too. Very few people are able to receive free education. The rest have to pay costly tuition fee. Hence, their education should help them achieve their personal goals. Many educated people, for example, want to move to other nations where they can receive higher salaries. Personally, I believe that they should be allowed to migrate because fulfilling their personal goals is more important for them than being useful to the country where they received their education.

To conclude, educated citizens benefit the society in so many ways. However, academic knowledge gained by citizens should also help them accomplish their goals in life.

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