Verbs that are easily confused – part 1

The following verbs are easily confused.

Fall / fell / fallen

  • My birthday falls on Monday.
  • He fell off the ladder.
  • The cost of essential items has finally fallen.
  • So many innocents have fallen and become hardened sinners.

Feel / felt / felt

Felt is the past and past participle form of feel.

  • My head feels funny.
  • I could feel his pain.
  • I like the feel of silk against my skin.
  • She felt no pain.

Usage note

Feel is an overused word. It is often used as a synonym for think, believe and know.

  • I feel that he should resign. (= I think that he should resign.)
  • I know he is right. (Better than ‘I feel he is right.’)
  • I think that we are making a mistake. (Better than I feel that we are making a mistake.)

If you think, believe or know, say so. Don’t hide behind the word feel.

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