IELTS essay sample | Environment protection is the responsibility of politicians

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Politicians are more responsible for protection of the environment than individuals. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Environment problems are threatening the very existence of life on this planet. Some people feel that environment protection is the responsibility of politicians. I don’t agree with this view. In my opinion, individuals and politicians need to make a joint effort to save the planet.

There is a limit to what an individual or a politician can achieve on his own. Politicians can frame laws to protect the environment. ‘Green’ laws are the need of the hour. Environment protection laws can stop factories from polluting the rivers and seas. They can stop deforestation. They can also prevent mindless quarrying and the destruction of natural resources. Even so, there is a limit to what we can accomplish through legislation.

A politician can’t control what people do in their private spaces. For example, many families burn plastic to get rid of it. They don’t realize that they are releasing harmful gases into the environment. Some families own four or five cars. They don’t understand that vehicular pollution is one of the chief causes of global warming. A lot of things that we do to increase our comfort have negative repercussions on the environment. We don’t realize that. When we drive a private car or fly, our carbon footprint increases. No politician can stop people from flying or using air conditioners in their homes. Aeroplanes, refrigerators and air conditioners all contribute to global warming and their users are ordinary citizens like you and me.

To conclude, everyone has a responsibility to save the planet they inhabit. Political will can achieve a lot. Individuals need to make their contributions too.

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