Topic card: Talk about online shopping

Topic card

Talk about online shopping. Please say:

What you bought online recently

Why you bought it

If you were you happy with the product

Sample response


I am not really into online shopping. There are huge malls in the city where I live and if I want to buy something, I just visit one of these places. Also, I like walking around shops just looking at the stuff. That said, I did buy some books online recently. For my IELTS preparation I needed a book published by a British company. I contacted many book stores in my country but none of them had that book in stock. So I decided to place my order online. I visited their website, made the payment with my credit card and got my order placed. I was really happy with the ease with which I could place my order. I received the books in less than ten days and they were in pretty good condition. I was happy and surprised because I thought that it would take longer. Now that I have had some experience in online shopping I might do it again the next time I want to buy something.

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