Topic card: Talk about an elderly person you know

Topic card

Talk about an elderly person you know. Please say

Who he is

Why he is important to you

What personality this person has

Sample response

I will talk about my grandfather because I have known and loved him since I was a child. He has been staying with my parents since the death of my grandmother. My grandpa is now in his mid-seventies and can’t walk that much because of leg pain. He also suffers from many other age-related problems. He is an affectionate person and loves me more than anybody else in the whole universe. When I was a kid every evening he would take me for a walk in the park. He would buy me chocolates and play with me. Since both my parents work long hours, I was mainly brought up by my grandfather. Although I am quite grown up now, he still takes care of my needs as if I was a child.  He is a well-read person and can talk about any topic. He has also told me numerous stories from our mythology. The best thing about my grandfather is that he is very patient. He never gets angry even when I make mistakes. He patiently explains things. I also like his cheerful disposition. He has had many bitter experiences in life. His wife died when she was still young. He has many health problems, too, but none of that has dampened his spirit. I have never heard him complaining about anything. He takes life the way it comes at him.

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