Topic card: Describe a library that you visit

Topic card

Describe a library that you visit. Please say:

Where the library is located

Why you visit this library

When you visit this library

Also explain why you like visiting this place.


Sample response

I visit the American Library in Bandra on a regular basis.  It is not far from where I live so I can visit this place whenever I want to. It has a huge collection of fiction as well as non-fiction titles. I like reading novels and biographies. I started visiting this place after I finished my class twelve examination. I had plenty of time on hand and not much to do. My dad then suggested getting a library membership. One day he took me to the library and we applied for a membership. I have been regularly visiting this library since then.

Right now one of the main reasons that I visit this library is that it has plenty of English language learning materials along with DVDs. It also has nearly 150 national and international periodicals. These journals and magazines helped me tremendously in my preparation for the IELTS reading test. Another reason that I enjoy visiting this library is that the staff are well-informed and helpful. They do everything that they can to make you feel welcome.

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