The Table Shows Information About Salaries Of Secondary / High School Teachers In Five Countries In 2009

salaries of secondary or high school teachers in five countries in 2009 ielts

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The table shows information regarding the starting and highest remuneration of high school or secondary school teachers in 5 nations in 2009. Overall, it can be seen that teachers in Luxembourg earned much more than teachers in other countries. While the starting salary of a high school / secondary school teacher in Luxembourg was 80,000 dollars, their highest remuneration was 139,000 dollars. It took them 30 years to reach the top salary. On average, they earned 112,000 dollars a year. Starting salary was the lowest in Japan. At the beginning of their career, a high school teacher in Japan earned only one-third of what their counterparts earned in Luxembourg. Japanese teachers took 34 years to reach their top salary of 62,400 dollars. Although the starting salary of teachers was also low in Korea (30,500 dollars), their maximum salary was the second highest at 84,500. Korean teachers had to work 37 years to reach their top salary. In Denmark there was not much difference between the starting salary (47,000) and the highest salary (54,000) that teachers earned. They took just 8 years to reach the top salary. While they earned much more than Korean, Japanese or Australian teachers at the beginning of their career, their highest salary was lower than that of teachers in Korea or Japan. Australian teachers had the lowest maximum salary. While they earned only 34,600 at the beginning, their highest salary was also low at 48,000 dollars. They took 9 years to reach that level.

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