Number Of Foreign Tourists Visiting XCountry in 2019 And 2020

Number of foreign tourists visiting XCountry ielts

Sample report

The given bar chart shows the number of tourists who visited XCountry in 2019 and 2020. Overall, it can be seen that XCountry received considerably more tourists in 2007 than in 2008. While XCountry received about 2300 European tourists in 2007, this number had dipped to about 1000 visitors by 2008. The biggest drop was noticed in the case of tourists from the US and Canada. Their numbers fell from 2500 in 2007 to about 400 visitors in 2008. Tourist arrival from China and Japan also dropped but it was not as drastic as it was in the case of visitors from America and Canada. While China and Japan together sent 3000 visitors to XCountry in 2007, this number dropped by 1000 in 2008. Australia sent the second highest number of tourists (2600) to XCountry in 2007. This number dropped slightly to 2400 by 2008. In short, while the number of tourists from Europe and Americas fell sharply, the drop was much less noticeable in the case of tourists from Japan, China and Australia.

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