The Pie Charts Show the Main Reasons for Migration to And from The UK in 2007

main reasons for migration to and from the UK ielts report

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The pie charts show the reasons that encouraged people to move to and out of the United Kingdom in 2007. A definite job was the reason for 30 percent of the people to move to the UK. Another 26 percent traveled to the country for the purpose of formal study. While 12 percent of the immigrants were looking for work, 15 percent of them reached the UK to join someone already working or living there. Whereas 6 percent of the surveyed people did not state any reason, 11 percent had other reasons to move to the UK.

As for the reasons encouraging emigration, the most important one was a definite job outside the country. As much as 29 percent of the emigrants had a definite job waiting for them elsewhere. While 22 percent of the emigrants were looking for work outside of the UK, 4 percent of them wanted to study abroad. As much as 18 percent of the population did not state any reason for migration while 13 percent of them left the country to accompany someone. 14 percent of the people had other reasons to move out.

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