Unemployment Rate And The Number Of People Leaving Ireland

Sample report

The graph shows the percentage of people leaving Ireland and the unemployment rate in that country. In 1988, the percentages of the Irish population leaving the country and those without employment were roughly the same at 17%. Over the next 3 years, the unemployment rate fell below the proportion of Irish people leaving the country. From 1991, the unemployment rate started increasing again and during the period between 1992 and 1996, it was much higher than the proportion of people leaving the country. In 1998, the percentage of Irish population moving to other countries and the unemployment rate was the same again at 8%. Thereafter, the unemployment rate started falling whereas the proportion of people moving to other countries increased. While in 2008, 6% of the population (25,000) was jobless, as much as 13% of the population or about 55,000 people left the country. Interestingly, even when the unemployment rate is low, Irish people are showing a greater inclination to leave their country.

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