Some People Feel That The Private Lives Of Celebrities Should Not Be Openly Shared By The Media

Here the prompt asks to what extent do you agree or disagree with the given argument.

Sample essay

According to some people, media has no right to publicize the private lives of celebrities. I agree with this view to a great extent. Celebrities, after all, are also humans and have the right to keep various aspects of their life private.

Media wants eyeballs. They want more people to read their stories, watch their programs or interact with their content. Since the public has too much interest in the personal lives of famous people, media pries into their lives. Their private photos and tantalizing stories of affairs attract considerable public interest. Needless to say, media persons often resort to unethical means to obtain these stories or photos. They stalk celebrities wherever they go. On at least a few occasions, this stalking has had disastrous consequences. Princess Diana, for instance, was killed in a car crash while attempting to flee from paparazzi following her.  So, obviously the argument that media should not highlight the private lives of famous people certainly holds water.

On the other hand, celebrities also actively seek media attention. Many of them have a desperate need to stay in the limelight at all times. Sometimes, media attention is crucial for the success of their career. Some celebrities seek constant validation. It is not uncommon for many of these people to leak unsavory aspects of their life themselves. Such people certainly cannot expect the media or the public to respect their privacy. There are, however, some famous personalities who guard their privacy ferociously. It is important that media respect their desire to keep their private life private.

To conclusion, just like other people, celebrities also have a right to privacy and it is unethical on the part of media to leak their private life.

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How to write a to what extent do you agree or disagree essay?

While writing a to what extent do you agree / disagree essay, you have the options to fully agree, fully disagree or partially agree. If you fully agree with the given argument make sure that the whole of your essay explains why you agree. In this case, do not mention reasons to disagree. If you fully disagree, explain why you disagree. Do not mention reasons to agree with the given argument in this case. If you partially agree / disagree, you have to discuss both the reasons to agree and disagree.

Make sure that your body paragraphs fully support the opinion expressed in the introduction.

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