Most Modern Families Have Both Parents Working And As A Result Children Spend Less Time With Their Parents

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Nowadays, it is more common for both fathers and mothers to go to work. While this trend has many positive outcomes, no one can deny the fact that this has also resulted in a decline in the amount of time parents spend with their children. This essay will discuss the reasons that motivate both parents to work and the impacts it can have on their children.

In my view, both fathers and mothers choose to work for several reasons. First, the cost of living is constantly going up and it requires a lot more money to run a family than what was needed before. As a result, it becomes necessary for both spouses to become employed. Second, people are now passionate about their career. Neither men nor women want to sit at home taking care of children and cooking food. They want to achieve something and hence they decide to work. Earlier men would go to work and women would stay at home. Now women are also educated and keen on building a career. Working also enables people to become financially independent. When both spouses work, it not only offers financial security to the family but also makes the relationship between the husband and the wife more equal.

When both parents in a family work, it may lead to several problems for their children. Oftentimes, children of working parents are sent to daycare homes where they get little personal attention. Even when they fall ill, many parents are not able to be by their side. This hurts the emotional health of both parents and children. Another problem is that when children do not have parents around, they may become overly dependent on the television or they may get into bad company.

To summarize, the need to manage the ever increasing cost of living and the desire to follow their passion are the main reasons that encourage both parents to work. While this improves the financial situation of the family, it also reduces the amount of time children get to spend with their parents. Consequently, many of these children develop insecurity. They are also more prone to get into bad company.

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