The Demand For Coaching Services Has Grown Significantly In The Digital Era

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In the digital era, there are plenty of online platforms that offer free test preparation material. There are thousands of lesson plans, worksheets and mock tests that students can download or attempt. Some people now argue that online lessons are better than in person coaching. I do not quite agree. In my opinion, it depends on the unique situation of each learner.

Online learning is certainly convenient. In the Covid era it was the only means of giving and receiving coaching. Now even after the Covid restrictions have been lifted, millions of students still learn online. There are numerous reasons for this. First, online coaching is quite affordable. In fact, many websites offer free lessons that anyone can access. Educational websites also give students an opportunity to learn at a time and pace convenient to them. Many platforms also offer interactive learning material. So, it is obvious that online coaching is beneficial for students in many ways.

On the other hand, in person coaching has its merits too. The most important advantage is the individual attention that each student gets. Unlike online platforms which do not care whether a student is improving or not, a personal tutor nudges them to work harder. Teachers can motivate students and customize their lessons to suit the learning potential of each student. Personal coaching also eliminates distractions to a great extent. By contrast, when students learn online, they are often distracted by ads or other promotional material. Needless to say, students attending classroom lessons tend to score higher than those who learn online in most competitive exams.

In conclusion, online coaching is cost effective and convenient. Even so, in my opinion, it is not as efficient as in person coaching for the simple reason that a computer cannot motivate students or keep them focused.  Of course, online lessons are the best option for students who cannot afford private tuition.

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