Schools Should Prepare Students For University Rather Than For Work

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According to some people, the purpose of schooling is to prepare students for higher education at university. In their opinion, school is not the right place to learn skills required for the workplace. I do not quite agree with this view. In my opinion, schools should definitely impart theoretical knowledge in the core subjects; however, at the same time, the school curriculum should include activities and assignments that enable students to acquire practical skills required for the workplace.

It is important for schools to teach subjects like science, mathematics and languages to their students. While these subjects do not necessarily prepare a person for a job, they are essential for surviving in this world. Language skills, for example, enable students to articulate their thoughts more effectively. Likewise, some understanding of science and mathematics is crucial for going about our day to day life. Hence, it is imperative that schools provide education in these subjects. In fact, every student should learn to read and write and do simple sums before they acquire work skills. Also, most prestigious jobs require a person to have a tremendous understanding of theory. For example, one cannot be a doctor or an engineer without learning theory. And before students can enter a medical college or engineering college, they should have learned the respective subjects at school. Hence, the argument that schools should prepare students for university certainly holds water.

On the flip side, schools can certainly set aside a few hours for teaching practical skills that enhance a student’s job readiness. Not everyone will become a scientist or a doctor. The world needs carpenters, plumbers, masons and cooks as well and interested students should be able to acquire basic skills in these occupations at school. This does not mean that these skills should be taught at the expense of the core subjects. However, there is no harm in setting aside a few hours every week for imparting work skills that might be beneficial in the future.

To conclude, school is certainly the place where students should acquire knowledge required for university. However, this does not mean that schools should only teach languages or mathematics. Some training can and should be imparted in work oriented skills as well.

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