Some People Think That Men Are Naturally More Competitive Than Women | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that men are naturally more competitive than women. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

People often compare the abilities of men and women and claim that women are not as competitive as men. I do not agree with this opinion. In my opinion, women are just as competitive as men and they have proved their mettle in almost all spheres.

At school, girl students routinely outperform boy students. If they were not competitive, they would not be able to achieve this. In various competitive examinations also girls perform as well as boys. If we compare a female doctor or a female scientist with their male counterparts we can see that in terms of skills they are on a par with each other.

Women have already proved that they can do any job. They now work in almost every field. They even work in aviation and defence. Traditionally, these jobs were thought to be suitable for only men. Even in the conservative Arabian countries, women are now allowed to join armed forces. This is a clear indication that women are capable of doing justice to whatever role they perform. Women are also showing exceptional managerial skills. For instance, many multinational companies are successfully managed by women. Women have also proved that they can make excellent leaders. In countries like the United Kingdom, Germany and Bangladesh women are at the top political positions. Some of the most loved and remembered politicians in history are actually women. Obviously, women are not inferior to men in any field.

Yet, a question may arise why there are not many women in research, politics or business. In my opinion, this is not because they are not competitive. Women have certain biological and psychological duties that only they can perform. Giving birth and raising children are just some of them. Because of these reasons, many women quit their jobs and that probably explains why we do not see a lot of female politicians or business tycoons. In order to establish themselves in such fields women have to dedicate their life to their career. Unlike men, this is not always possible for a woman because her other responsibilities as a daughter, wife and mother stand in the way of her career goals. However, just because women are quitting their jobs to start a family and raise kids, it does not mean that they are less competitive than men.

In conclusion, after analysing all aspects of the given situation, it is not hard to see that women are just as capable and competent as men. If there are fewer female achievers than male achievers, that is because women tend to sacrifice their career for the sake of their family.

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10 Responses

  1. FARHAD says:

    Some nowadays are of the opinion that women are as not comparative as men due to their natural inborn characteristics. I largely agree with such a radical statement, but with certain exceptions, mostly related to the modern world opportunities.
    On the one hand, current cutting-edge technologies and modern democratic laws allow women to involve themselves in different jobs, which was forbidden or inadequate in the past but nowadays with the advent of globalization, democratic laws and cutting-edge technologies have become reality. In the past women could not participate in the country’s political life and become the official, but nowadays we could observe how women successfully manage the whole country and participate in political debates. Modern technologies as the newest digital devices also give the opportunity to women to force themselves into the army or police force, where they protect the governmental borders and fight with the enemies and offenders using military equipment. Today even the most conservative Middle East countries allow women to become a pilot or captain of the military ship, drive heavy vehicles and participate in the country’s social and political life, where they successfully show their abilities.
    Nevertheless, consider some valuable arguments listed above, without current devices and governmental support females could not be as strong as a male due to the inborn characteristics like an increased amount of testosterone in males wich stimulates their muscles to grow and stimulate them to persuade the aim regardless of circumstances. Moreover, ladies are more sensitive and vulnerable, especially in times of puberty or during pregnancy which makes them weaker and vulnerable towards enemies. In crucial situations, when all power and effort should be concentrated on solving an emergency situation, women are more likely to act according to their emotions and prefer to avoid sharp corners due to their original soft characteristics to be a mother and wife, therefore they could not act like men and pass through the fire and water when it is necessary.
    In conclusion, rare instances aside when women could be on an equal footing with men, thanks to the advancement of technologies, males are stronger and more enduring due to the inborn characteristic and some biological differences.

  2. Ram says:

    Please give feedback-

    People hold different opinions regarding the natural qualities of men and women. It is asserted by some people that the level of ambition inherent in men is considerably greater than in women. I, however, do not agree with this above statement.

    In this modern era, women are equally goal-oriented. With the help of education and liberalisation, the female population is getting a chance to prove their mettle in the corporate world. In the past, many places that banned female employees are now opening their doors to the opposite sex. This is only possible because women have gained the talent and skills to work productively in the workplace. Furthermore, whether or not a person is highly ambitious does not have anything to do with gender. Not all men have the same ambition, and similarly, not all women are without ambition. It actually depends on person to person and their character. Also, there are no scientific studies that can prove that women are less competitive than men.

    Nonetheless, some people argue that the competitive spirit of men is higher in comparison to women. This is due to the fact that the world was once predominantly a man’s society wherein men would make money and women would look after their home and family. People who still think that this job role cannot be interchanged are conservative thinkers, and they are reluctant to move on to the modern thinking that gives paramount importance to egalitarian society.

    To conclude, despite the fact that some people deem that women are not as proficient as men, it has been seen over the past half century that women have excelled in all fields and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Old-school people should supersede their attitudes to keep abreast of the times and show aesthetic appreciation towards the female populace, who are equivalent to men in almost all divisions of the economy.

  3. Palak says:

    It is argued that men naturally have a higher level of competitiveness than women . I tend to diagree to this because competitiveness cannot be measured accurately on the basis of mental strength

    To embark on,in past jobs were assigned to people based on gender,for example women do cooking and men do aggriculture ,but nowadays women is not less than a man ,she stands shoulder to shoulder with him .whereas she handle all the works of the house as well as of outside.Even, bearing so much pain ,she gives birth to a child ,which men can never bear . Moreover,in the sports field number of girls are increasing day to day and girls won more prizes than boys.

    To begin with,as boys can never leave their parents,but a girl leaves her house and family after marrying a boy for which one has to be very strong mentally. Despite doing all this women become pilot, scientists,doctors etcetera.women tend to cope with pressure better than men ,who tend to buckle during tense moments.this is due to the fact that the stress hormone ,tends to increase more rapidly in men than in women.

    To deduce,after analysing all this aspects of the given situation ,it is not hard to see that women are just as capable and competent as men. If there are fewer female achiever’s than male achievers ,that is because women tend to sacrifice their career for the sake of their family .

  4. FARHAD says:

    Some people think that if a country is already rich, any addition in economic wealth does not make its citizen happier. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Many nowadays are of the opinion that people in wealthy countries are already enjoying the abundance of wealth and various entertainment facilities, which makes people’s life self-sufficient and happy, so additional actions might not create any changes. Although there is some truth in the aforementioned argument, in my perspective additional changes, as more governmental support is still necessary and it definitely makes citizens of wealthy countries happier.
    Those who claim that wealthy nations are already led a happy life, often point to the numerous facts which support this opinion. Current citizens of the well-developed countries have a chance to easily land a high-quality job with outsized compensation and excellent remuneration package, which might include free transportation, medical insurance, or even annual, paid vacation on a luxury resort. Developed tourism sector and international links with the both developed and developing countries allows citizens of the rich countries to travel the globe and increase their knowledge about people with the different cultural and religious affiliation. Moreover, pure surroundings absence of industrial facilities, and interethnic conflicts and wars make life in wealthy countries peaceful and stressless, which is extremely beneficial for the citizen’s mental health and brings a rush of happiness to the wealthy nations.
    Nevertheless, despite some valuable arguments listed above, while the wealthy nations enjoyed the abundance of various opportunities, they at the same time suffer from numerous social issues. To begin with, sadly not everyone in a wealthy country could pass through formal secondary education and obtain a useful degree, due to the ever-escalating tuition fee and absence of free education. Some of the youngsters currently sinking in the financial morass and struggle to get rid of the debts after graduation from the community college or after obtaining a post-graduate degree. Some elders in rich countries suffer from a range of chronic illnesses, but they could not pass the medical tests and receive necessary medical procedures due to the tremendous medical price of the medical services. The absence of the government-funded health care system makes them ill and miserable, ultimately leading to an increased number of early death or suicides. So consider the aforementioned facts more actions are needed to make the life of rich country’s citizens more pleasant.
    In conclusion, despite some tangible benefits and various opportunities of life in the wealthy countries, which makes their citizens happy nation, additional like the government-funded social-welfare program are still needed to improve the lives of their citizens and make their life hapier and sufficient.

  5. FARHAD says:

    Many nowadays are of the opinion that in order to provide better communication modern plane’s dwellers should create or adopt one global language for the whole planet citizens. I largely agree with this proposal, but with certain exceptions mostly related to the damaging effect of international language on some minor, ethnic groups.
    The opponents of this trend often claim that using one language for all world might be impossible or even harmful. To begin with, the fact that some languages and cultures could simply disappear from our planet, due to the expansion of one language for all. Some minor nations already lost their own culture and religious affiliations, while others currently stay on the edge of extinction. Therefore adopting an international language might devastate world diversity, ultimately leading to a monoculture society with the absence of specific, national habits and holidays.
    Moreover, the majority of current planet citizens belong to the baby-boomer generation, for whom learning a new language might be an extremely challenging process, as with the age they lost the ability to comprehend new knowledge and skills. All aforementioned facts should be seen as a huge drawback of adopting one language for the whole generations and nations.
    Nevertheless, consider some valuable arguments listed above adopting one language for the whole planet, might be quite beneficial, especially for the young generation who wish to develop themselves in a certain way. Many youngsters nowadays wish to move to a foreign country the obtain a useful degree and easily land a high-quality job and grow in their occupation. Many both minor, local and large international valuable individuals who could deal with both local and overseas customers and investors, so the international language, in this case, could not be extremely beneficial but also productive, as it allows fresh graduates to quickly moving up the career ladder and generate more income for the company and country. Furthermore, adopting one language for the whole planet’s citizens who possess various cultural and religious attitudes to the most crucial issues, allows affiliate tension between nations and will definitely create interethnic lins both social and economic.
    In conclusion, rare instances aside, when using one language for different purposes could eradicate some minor culture’s habits, in the majority cases it has positive development on a current planet’s dweller and benefits all socio-economics aspects. Therefore is essential to adopt an international language, bur at the same time pay attention to the diverse effects.

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