People Should Be At Least 21 Years Old Before They Are Allowed To Drive A Car

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According to some people, the minimum driving age should be 21 years. I agree with this view to a great extent because most people achieve some level of maturity by the time they turn 21. Most 18 year olds, on the other hand, are rash and prone to causing accidents.

Raising the driving age to 21 makes roads safer.  Since teenagers are quite immature, there is always the fear of rash driving when they get behind the wheel. Studies have also shown that most accidents are caused by careless teenage drivers. By the time people reach the age of 21 years, they start understanding that their negligent driving might lead to the loss of their or someone else’s life. Once they understand the disastrous consequences of irresponsible driving, they will start driving more diligently. To illustrate, a study conducted by the traffic department of Japan showed a 10 percent decline in accidents after upgrading the minimum age of driving from 18 to 21.

Besides making certain that the drivers on the roads are mature, increasing the minimum age to drive curtails traffic problems. This law will make a huge section of the young people ineligible to drive and thus reduce the number of vehicles on the road. Not only does it permit the smooth movement of the remaining traffic but it also reduces the level of pollution.

To conclude, increasing the driving age to 21 years is a wise idea because 21 year olds are more mature than 18 year olds and less prone to rash driving. This move might even reduce traffic congestion as it forbids a major proportion of rash teenagers and young adults from driving.

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