Nowadays, Not Enough Students Choose Science Subjects At University In Many Countries

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In many countries, nowadays, there is a dramatic drop in the number of students opting to pursue pure science at university. This is mainly due to the popularity of professional courses like medicine, engineering or management. On the flip side, when fewer students study science, it can hurt research and development.

Science subjects like physics, chemistry and biology have few takers at university. This is mainly because there are not many job opportunities for someone completing Bachelors or post Masters in science. A science graduate or post graduate can choose to become a teacher or researcher. That is all. They do not have any other job opportunities and this seriously discourages students from studying science. In many countries there are not many opportunities for researchers either. That means even fewer opportunities are available to science students. By contrast, students who complete a professional degree in medicine or engineering have considerably more employment opportunities. For this reason, both students and parents prefer professional courses.

When few students study science, it can seriously affect research and development. Engineering and medicine are all specialized branches of science. Without science, these streams cannot exist. For example, physics is the foundation of engineering branches like electronics and mechanics. If students choose not to study physics, there will be a dearth of researchers in that stream and that will hurt the progress of engineering streams. When students choose not to study science, it will also affect the development of scientific temper in the country.

To conclude, few students study science at university because not many job opportunities are available for science graduates and post graduates. Since science is the foundation of all branches of technology and medicine, when students refuse to study science, it can affect future development of science and thus the progress of the society.

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