Nowadays, There Are Many Reasons For Environmental Pollution

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All over the world, environmental pollution has become rampant. Excessive consumption of fossil fuels, careless disposal of plastic, nuclear waste and ewaste are some of the causes of this development. Switching to renewable sources of energy and reducing our consumption are the most effective solutions.

The combustion of fossil fuels is one of the main causes of environmental pollution.  The advent of industrialization and automobiles led to the widespread use of coal and petrol. Unfortunately, when these materials are burned, they release harmful gases into the atmosphere. Ewaste is another health hazard and pollutant. Discarded electronic products contain harmful chemicals and other substances. They pollute soil, water and air. Plastic is an even bigger pollutant. It does not degrade even after hundreds of years and when people burn plastic in an attempt to get rid of it, harmful gases are released. Nuclear waste is yet another cause of environmental pollution. While nuclear energy is eco-friendly, decommissioned nuclear reactors have tonnes of radioactive waste. All over the world, there is still no consensus on what to do with these lethal chemicals. Last but not least, excessive consumption also hurts the planet. Humans are using up natural resources with absolutely no concern for the environment and this also aggravates pollution.

Switching to greener sources of energy is the best solution to deal with environmental pollution. Solar and wind are abundant sources of energy and they do not hurt the planet. Banning single use plastic is another solution. The government should also make recycling mandatory. Plastic and many electronic products can be recycled. It is equally important to promote conservation. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle should be the motto. In addition, environmental protection and conservation should be made an important subject taught at schools.

To conclude, plastic, e-waste and fossil fuels are all major causes of environmental pollution. Switching to eco-friendly sources of energy and practicing conservation are the most effective ways to counter this threat.

How to write an essay on this topic?

Before you start writing your essay, read the question carefully. Keep in mind that you have to write only on the given topic. Do not mention any irrelevant information.

Here the topic makes an assertion that there are several causes of environmental pollution. Your task is to discuss those causes and suggest solutions.

In the first body paragraph discuss the causes and in the second body paragraph discuss the solutions.

Here the question does not ask you to discuss the impacts of environmental pollution. So do not include those details.

Do not spend more than 40 minutes on this task. Ideally, you should finish writing in 35 minutes so that you can spend the remaining 5 minutes for proofreading your essay.

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