Nowadays People Are Spending More Time In Workplace And Staying Away From Home | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Nowadays people are spending more time in workplace and staying away from home for work. Discuss its advantages and disadvantages with your own experience.

Here is a band 9 IELTS essay on this topic written by one of our students. Need help with IELTS writing? Get your IELTS essays, letters and reports corrected by me.

Band 9 IELTS essay sample

These days, more and more employees are devoting more time to their work than their family. This trend has some benefits; however, it has a lot of demerits as well. In this essay, I shall explore the pros and cons of working overtime.

On the one hand, working long hours accelerates a person’s professional growth. As a matter of fact, people who are willing to work beyond standard work hours are more likely to be promoted. They are also less likely to be laid off in the event of a downsizing. In this day and age when competition is tough working overtime is the only option for many employees to stay in their job. When employees are willing to put in more hours, the organization will be able to deliver projects on time and this in turn will improve their bottom line. Companies may also share a part of the profit with their employees by offering them higher salaries.

On the other hand, when people spend too much time at the workplace their family relationships suffer the most. Having little or no time for one’s spouse and children will lead to conflicts within the family. This will increase the stress levels of employees as well as those of their family members. Stressed out workers cannot deliver satisfactory performance at the workplace even if they spend too much time in the office. Another downside of this trend is that working long hours without taking a break will affect the health of workers. They become more prone to developing various lifestyle diseases like hyper tension, diabetes and cardiac trouble. This in turn will further reduce their productivity by forcing them to avail of more sick leaves.

To conclude, unrealistic targets and tough competition have forced many employees to work overtime. The main advantage of this situation is that it might improve their chances of getting a promotion or raise. The main disadvantage is that it affects their health and productivity by elevating their stress levels. In my opinion, it is important for employees to strike a work-life balance.

Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Here is a band 7.5 IELTS essay on this topic written by one of our students.

At present, people spend much of their time at the workplace rather than at home. In my opinion, devoting most of your time to work has both advantages and disadvantages which will be discussed in this essay.

Firstly, people work long hours to earn more money so that they can fulfil all the requirements of their family. This is particularly important now as cost of living has increased considerably. Secondly, if a person works for long hours in the initial years of the job, they get good experience and learn skills. Another advantage is that they get to earn more. Many companies offer overtime salaries. Employees who work beyond normal hours are considered more loyal. They are more likely to be considered for promotions or raises. They are also less likely to be laid off.

 However, if a person does not find time for relaxation, they may develop various mental and physical ailments. Everybody needs time to rest and relax. Working long hours at a stretch affects focus and employees are more likely to make mistakes. This can be dangerous for employees who work with heavy machinery. Another disadvantage is its impact on their family life. When people do not have any free time, their family life suffers. Eventually, this will lead to problems in their personal life and may also affect their productivity at work.

To conclude, people are working long hours to earn more and to secure their jobs. Unfortunately, this affects their health and family life. Hence, in my opinion, this development has more disadvantages than advantages.

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  1. Afrin says:

    Nowadays people are spending more time in workplace and staying away from home for work. Discuss its advantages and disadvantages with your own experience.

    In recent years, many employees are spending a considerable amount of time in their working organizations and thus giving less time and importance to their families. This essay will illustrate the benefits and drawbacks of this trend in the forthcoming paragraphs.

    The greatest benefit of spending more time in the workplace is career growth. If an employee is highly dedicated to his roles and responsibilities, there are higher chances of getting a promotion within the organization. Another primary aspect of this phenomenon is reward and recognition. By devoting additional working hours to complete tasks, accomplishments of targets, and attracting new clients to the business will enhance the opportunity to get a rewarding bonus and certificates by management. As a result, workers’ motivation and remuneration increases. For example, a recent survey conducted among the multinational companies of Bangalore, it was revealed that 75% of the employees had received a promotion and accolades by giving their extra time to perform their duties.

    Despite these advantages, there are several significant disadvantages. Firstly, the employees working more than regular fixed hours are unlikely to have an ideal work-life balance. Workaholics may neglect their families and friends. This situation affects their relationships at home and consequently hampers the children’s upbringing. This explicitly not only harms their well-being but also can result in stress and poor health. They become prone to detrimental health diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart trouble and subsequently impact work productivity. For instance, a recent study by Cambridge University revealed that the majority of working professionals are suffering from minor or major diseases because of their workaholic nature.

    In conclusion, although there are possibilities of progression, award, and raise for working more than the regular hours; however, it affects the health, productivity, and difficulty to manage work-life balance. In my opinion, having a proper balance between personal and professional life is vital for being happier and healthier.

  2. Roshan says:

    There is this growing concern that people are glued to their work not maintaining a healthy work-life balance. This new culture has its own merits and demerits.
    First of all, there has been a tremendous shift in the expectations of companies worldwide hitherto. The job market is fierce and more competitive than ever before. Everybody wants to be at their full potential in order to survive and make progress in their career. This trend has lead people to spend more time on their workplaces compared to the past which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Though spending more time working means increased effort and increased outcome, this practice is known to take a toll on our health. Recent medical studies have shown a significant surge in cases pertaining to work-related stress both physically and mentally. People nowadays are more prone to depression and obesity has become a commonplace. These factors have pretty much guided me on concluding that people lose more than they gain by spending more time on their profession.
    Secondly, besides the loss of health, being a workaholic seriously affects personal life. Citing work, people often miss out on family functions, vacations, and so on. Such a way of life pretty much affects the social image. My personal experience is compelling evidence of this. During my workdays in Pune, 1000 kilometres away from my hometown, I couldn’t attend any family function. My friends and relatives used to call me over the phone to invite me for their celebration and I had to politely decline most of their invitation bringing on my professional situation. This distanced me from the happenings of my kith and kin and I felt bad on every occasion. In its own way, the perceived benefits of the profession have serious repercussions on the personal lives of many. As the popular saying goes, “You have to sacrifice one thing to get another.”
    To conclude, there are more advantages than disadvantages when people cut their personal time for a profession. Factors like health loss and lack of personal life have shaped my opinion on this.

  3. Vikas says:

    It is indeed true that people spend less time at home and more at their offices. Although working for long hours has some benefits, there are also few downsides that are to be considered.
    On the one hand, spending more time at work is advantageous in several ways. One of the positive aspects is that it provides extra monetary support to the family. These days prices of everything are surging high and it difficult to cover all the expenses. That is why to provide a comfortable life to their loved ones; people have to work for longer hours. Another positive aspect of going away from home to work is it boosts the economy of the home country. When people go abroad for better job opportunities, they earn a handsome amount of money and then send most of the money to their family which stays back at home. Consequently, when their family members spend that money, it helps economy of the nation to boost.
    On the other hand, there are some drawbacks of staying away from home and working for longer period of time. Firstly, when people spend more time at work, they are prone to many ailments. When they spend most of their time on computers, affects their eyesight and also sitting for longer period causes obesity to most of the people. Secondly, people have to face work-life imbalance when they are not able to give proper time to their family members. This results in weakens the bond between them and has negative consequences. Finally, people staying away from home may sometimes feel homesickness which results in have a feeling of loneliness. Because of this people may go to depression sometimes if not taken care at time.
    In conclusion, while working for long time provides financial support to the family, it has some serious repercussions that effects a person physically and mentally as well.

  4. Harsh says:

    In this day and age, people spend most of the hours at office and prefer to stay away from home for the sake of work. This tendency has both pros and cons.

    On the one hand, working overtime has numerous merits. Firstly, working for more hours makes employees financially stable as they are able to earn more by working overtime. This not only help them to meet their basic needs, but also beneficial for future security. Moreover, workers can run their family smoothly by handling expenses and fulfilling the desires of family members, which are less likely to be possible with basic remuneration. For example, in order to earn more, most of the employees willingly increase their working hours, so that they do not have to compromise with their wish list as, in this world of inflation, spending money on desirable things has become a matter of concern.

    On the other hand, staying away from family and spending more time on workplace are associated with several demerits. First and foremost, mental and physical health of employees is affected. It has been seen that most of the people these days are suffering from psychosomatic problems such as the depression, anxiety and hypertension as they are not able to handle office stress. Also, they do not take care of their health in order to make more money. These factors deteriorate their health. Furthermore, work-life imbalance is also a major problem confronted by the employees who are devoting more time to their work as they are left with no or very less time to spend with family and results sourness among relationships.

    In conclusion, even though the advantages of working overtime are significant, its downsides can never be overlooked as health is the key to lead a happy life.

  5. naveen says:

    In this competitive world, everyone is struggling to retain their position either in business or in employment. Eventually they tend to spend more time at work. In this essay, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of this lifestyle.

    Firstly, people are giving more importance to professional growth than personal health. Getting a job is not an easy task anymore. Moreover, peer pressure is another pain point. In order to survive this situation and to establish a steady income, it is expected of everyone to concentrate more on work. Additionally, companies have been setting unrealistic goals for workers, which warrants more attention towards work. For instance, recent studies have mentioned that, people are nowadays working more than 18 hours a day. This is a concrete evidence that people give more importance to their job. By concentrating more on work, they certainly believe that they can achieve more target and get decent incentives.

    On the flip side, there is no personal or social life apart from work. Undoubtedly, we need a stable financial source to lead a sophisticated life. But not by costing personal wellbeing. Additionally, people pave path for lifestyle diseases like diabetes, stress and other psychological disorders. Since the demanding nature of work, people often return home late at night. So, they spend less time with family members. I had personally witnessed that these behaviour raised conflicts between family. Though professional life is paramount one must equally allocate time for family and health. So, by maintaining a good work-life balance can bring immense benefits.

    In my opinion, despite the work pressure one should find time to be with their family. Moreover, a mentally stable person can demonstrate good productivity at work place. Thus, is is important to prioritise personal and professional life accordingly.

  6. yammis ahmad says:

    It is true that over the last few years, there has been a massive rise for the people to take over-time hours at work than spending time with their families, that has undoubtedly brought benefits for their personal income but also some negative point. In this essay I will discuss the major point and draw my personal conclusions

    It is fairly safe to say that, the more time you spend on something the more you would master it, as same as in a work specially for a beginner employee they needed more time for adapting the environment of the work and learn more about the system that they working on. Also Working over times in the early month of your job will give you the time you need and reflect a good first impression.On the other hand, working over-time has a main effect on your income, many companies had a working hour system which offer an increase in the monthly payment after your work hours, another company will give you an extra free days in compared to your working hours.Moreover, to upgrade your knowledge about the work you need time to practes the thing you previously learn, it will unpredectdly sharpen your skills and improve the adopting process of any requested theories.

    Meanwhile, working in a tough environment with more than 7-8 hours may affect your daily routine and more specifically if its effect on your sleeping pattern, if an employer is already having long hours at work it will be quite hard for him to take an extra one unless it is necessary. For instance, it will be exhausting to participate in any social-events like birthdays or any family gathering after a long day at work.

    In conclusion, after analyzing both sides carefully I believe that balance is the key to deal with any matters in life, also in my opinions companies should adopt a better reward system for their employee’s

  7. Nalin says:

    more , more and more in first line of your essay seems quiet redundant and overall your essay looks 6.5 to me.

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