Lifestyle And Culture Of Different Countries Are Becoming Similar | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Lifestyle and culture of different countries are becoming similar. Is it a positive development or negative?

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Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Advancements in communication technology have made the entire world a global village where information travels from one corner to another in the blink of an eye. Due to this information symmetry and accessibility, the world is becoming increasingly similar. Some people argue that this is a negative development. While I do not quite consider this as totally negative, in my opinion, there is definitely a need to preserve diversity.

The first and foremost reason to oppose the tendency of countries to become similar is that it will lead to the loss of indigenous culture, traditions, customs and lifestyles. These lifestyles and culture were developed several millennia ago and suit the specific country. So, adopting another country’s lifestyles and culture might not be suitable for people living in that country. For example, in a country like India, it is better to eat vegetarian food and wear cotton clothes because the climate is hot. Furthermore, it is unsustainable if people living everywhere follow the same lifestyle. For example, the per capita consumption of fossil fuels in the USA is 20 times higher than the per capita consumption of the same fuel in a developing country. If people everywhere start using the same amount of energy, we will soon run out of its supply.

Another reason for nurturing diversity is that diversity enhances innovation. Different culture and lifestyles provide one a different perspective on life. Thus, many schools and colleges prefer to increase diversity in their classroom to enrich the learning experience.  In the past, many pharmaceutical research teams in the USA attributed their success to essential inputs brought in by teammates of different nationality.

On the other hand, by adopting similarity, one can protect oneself from discrimination based on race, nationality or style of clothing. In addition, similarity enhances acceptance. It also makes life easier especially when people travel abroad.

In conclusion, considering the aforementioned views, in my opinion, it is crucial to protect diversity of different countries but at the same time there is no harm in imbibing the best practices of other countries.

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  1. Sathya Kumar says:

    In some countries, the number of people who visit art galleries is declining. What are the reasons for this? How can we solve this problem?
    In some countries, the number of people visiting art galleries is constantly reducing every year. This essay will discuss the primary reasons why this is happening and propose couple of effective solutions to handle this situation.
    There are some obvious reasons why public is not going to art galleries now a days. Firstly, the recent generation does not has much interest in art as like the previous generations. This is predominantly because of the rapid growth of social media. Particularly younger people spend more time in internet and TV rather than in art related topics, which apparently results in lack of understanding and interest towards arts. Another reason for decline of attendance in art galleries is lack of funding. Most of the galleries are not getting enough fund to buy and display new art works. Hence people who have already visited do not show interest to come again as they have nothing to see new over there.
    One solution for this issue would be getting enough financial aid. By gaining some fund, galleries could buy and install new art samples to exhibit, which would hopefully attract lot of people. Another way to tackle this problem is to organize regular events for public participation. Many art lovers would bring their children and other family members to take part in the competitions and first time visitors might get interest in art after exposure. By implementing these solutions, visitor numbers could be augmented.
    In conclusion, interest towards art is being reduced constantly among public. Apparently, it reflects in reduction in number of visitors to art galleries. There are number of solutions to resolve this issue. If art galleries implemented these solutions, there would be an increase in attendance in art galleries.

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