It Would Have Been Better If Automobiles Were Not Invented | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Though modern life is much facilitated by automobiles, it would have been better if they were not invented. Do you agree with this statement?

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Automobiles have played an important role in the progress of the human society. Some people believe that it would have been better if they were not invented. I do not agree with this view. In my opinion, cars have done more good than harm and it is impossible to even imagine a life without them. Even so, it is important for us to limit the use of private cars.

The world has become a village due to the invention and subsequent evolution of the automobile industry. Today we can travel to distant places in a short span of time. Actually, journeys that used to take weeks or months in the past can now be completed within hours or days. Cars have also made our journey more comfortable. Rain or shine if we have a car we can go anywhere whenever we want. This can be quite liberating. The invention of the car has also enabled people living in remote areas to pursue work or studies in cities. The primary advantage of cars is that they can reach places that are not accessible by buses or trains. And in emergency situations, they can become lifesavers.

Of course, automobiles pollute and that is the main downside of them. This, however, does not mean that they need not have been invented. Actually, we can control pollution by limiting the use of cars and also by taking measures such as carpooling. In addition, we should use public transport whenever possible. We should also adopt technologies like electric cars. Since they do not emit harmful gases, they have little impact on the planet.

In conclusion, automobiles have become an indispensable part of our life today because of the comfort and convenience they offer. They do have some negative impact on the environment. However, this does not mean that they should not have been invented.

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12 Responses

  1. Farhan Abbas says:

    Though modern life is much facilitated by automobiles, it would have been better if they were not invented. Do you agree with this statement?

    Although modern science has opened new horizons of facilities and automobiles are at the top of the list. Life in the contemporary era would not have been so comfortable and luxurious without the invention of autos. While agreeing with the statement, I believe there are some negative consequences as it has given rise to road congestion and environmental pollution.

    Urban life is fully embellished with luxury transport, people travel far-off places for educational and employment purposes with great ease, but it has become a root cause of road congestion, traffic jam and consequent road accidents. People around the world waste precious time on a daily basis by getting their cars stuck in long queues. For instance, in the first six months of 2019, only in Karachi, 980 accidents have been reported, which is in fact a great number. A similar trend can be observed in every other metropolitan of the world.

    Moreover, environmental pollution such as smoke and noise is another big discomfort people are facing through these vehicles. Burning fuel leads to a hazardous effect on human health. In past transport means like cycles, buggies and carts had no harmful effects on human health and were considered as a source of physical exercise. As reported by the National Health Department of Pakistan a large number of people are suffering from asthma and deafness.

    To conclude, it is reiterated that despite the convenience these cars have proved, I believe that due to the harmful effect on the environment and human health, the world has been a better had they would not have been invented.

    • ielts practice says:

      This seems band 7 to me. Your last sentence needs some serious editing. It should be: To conclude, it is reiterated that despite the convenience these cars have provided, I believe that due to the harmful effects they have on the environment and human health, the world would have been a better place if they had not been invented.

  2. Jipsa Jadwani says:

    Modernity is wedded to convenience, luxury and comfort, so an exponential rise in number of cars on the roads can be seen today. Nevertheless, some people wonder would it have been more beneficial if the cars and other four-wheelers were not invented. I disagree with the thought as it is one of the greatest inventions of mankind which serves the same in various ways.

    To embark on, although it is irrefutably one of the prime contributors of air and sound pollution, it also intend to save human lives in many life-threatening situations. To illustrate, an ambulance, a fire truck, and patrol car are imperative in emergency circumstances, which shortens the time lapseß commuting to the near-by hospital, a building on fire, or a crime scene respectively. Without this creation, many lives which could have been otherwise saved easily would be lost unfairly.

    Moreover, automobiles has been inextricably intertwined with the lives of a majority of people. We use them for far-flung purposes from travelling to work comfortably to purchasing groceries to picking up a child from school to going for a picnic at our convenience. In addition to this, cars protect us from the unfavorable weather making it possible to go outside in these conditions. For example, a cooling and heating system instilled in almost every vehicle assist an individual to beat the sun and winters respectively.

    Although I agree that life without four-wheelers is unimaginable, I also recommend minimum usage of the same to protect the environment and an individual. Owing to the traffic congestions which is a major problem in many developed countries, the quality of life and surroundings are depleting. The obnoxious gas emitted from the cars enhance the greenhouse effect and leads to cardio-pulmonary ailments. A recent study conducted in Delhi reported that smog, caused by overcrowding of cars in roads, has caused numerous new cases of asthma in the local natives.

    To reiterate, despite the many skepticisms of this inventory, I believe that it has upgraded the quantum of human life. However, I also think that it overusage of it could cause serious health and environmental problems.

    • ielts practice says:

      This seems band 6.5 to me. If you go by the dictionary definition, an automobile is a car. It is not a truck, an ambulance or a bus.

  3. mansi darji says:

    Automobiles are a boon for human beings. Some people believe that it would have been better if they were not invented. I totally disagree with the given statement in this essay this view. I also believe that we can’t imagine our life without them. Ideas enunciated in my discourse will support my point of view.
    Firstly, if space crafts were not invented then it is not possible for people to explore space. If there were no space crafts, then how scientists would know that other planets exist actually. Scientists can research about other planets and space with the help of them. Nowadays, different countries send their space shuttles with aeronauts on the moon and the Mars to analyse properties of these planets. It might be possible that people will have an opportunity to travel to the Mars.
    Secondly, automobiles like cars, scooters, motor bikes, boats, steamers and aero planes facilitates people to travel anywhere. They are the ones who has connected the whole world. If they were not there, then it is not possible to visit different places and countries within no time. Then people on the earth would not get chance to go on some places and explore them.
    Thirdly, nowadays it is very easy for us to import and export different items from one place to another ones. Like people in Africa can eat Mangoes which are predominantly grow and harvest in India only. Transportation of goods is possible all over the world which boost the economy of countries.
    Overall, agglomerating all the points elaborated above, it can be concluded if automobiles were not invented, then progress of human race would have been hindered and we would have been faced a lot of troubles.

    • ielts practice says:

      This seems band 6 to me. Frankly, I could not figure out why you wrote about spacecrafts. Also, strictly speaking, automobiles means just the cars.

  4. YAN says:


    Here is my essay. I have followed your blog for couple of months. I have learnt a lot. Please give me a estimate band score. Thank you !

    Modern life has changed since the creation of cars, but some people argue that we would live a better life without these tools. While I agree that vehicles can bring certain problems in our daily life, I believe that our life will be destroyed without them.
    There are three main issues caused by using cars. Firstly, the main contributor of air pollution is the massive use of private vehicles on the street. They burn a considerable amount of fossil fuels daily and emit greenhouse gases into the air to deteriorate the air quality. Secondly, the traffic congestion is becoming more and more common in cities, even small cities because more people have car ownership nowadays. Finally, driving cars can be dangerous to people, as there are many careless drivers who drive their cars after drinking alcohol or taking drugs.
    On the other hand, automobiles are necessary for people because of its benefits to people. All types of cars, buses or transport tools has revolutionized the way we live. For example, it saves our time on the way to wherever we want to visit. It can be the workplace, our friends’ home or university, which will surely be less time-consuming than walking or riding horses. It also makes us travel comfortably by sitting in a well-designed seat. We can listen to the music or radios while we are driving or we can do even more things if we are passengers.
    In conclusion, I cannot deny the issues that are brought by using vehicles, but I strongly believe that it is impossible for us to live a convenient life if we have no access to cars.

  5. Chikamalu says:

    Despite the fact that cars have revolutionised the transport industry, thus, making our lives better in this modern era. Some people believe that it should not have been invented in the first place. I totally disagree with this opinion.

    To begin with, automobiles have become an integral part of our mobile lives and thus have a lot of benefits to offer us. Firstly, it enables us to move faster from one place to another which was not possible in the olden days. People can now live at the suburbs of cities and move to and fro to work. Also, journeys that could take several hours, weeks or even months to finish are now possible in lesser time. Moreover, modern cars are now fitted with facilities that makes driving and a journey more convenient. For instance, you can find audio systems, air conditioners, self driving functions and so on in these vehicles these days. These benefits have made our lives indeed easier and better.

    Nevertheless, those who think that cars should not have existed hinge their idea most probably on the fact that they are not energy efficient, hence, contribute largely to the level of pollution in the world today and are therefore the catalyst to climate change. These claims are indeed valid. However, I believe that it can be counteracted by the introduction of green energy cars. Solar and other forms of green energy can be harnessed to replace petroleum products used by automobiles. This way, the detrimental effect of cars will be defeated.

    To conclude, the idea by some people that cars should not have existed hold no water even with its negative effects on our environment. Also, due to the important roles automobiles play in our daily lives, the benefits of their existence cannot be over emphasised, thus, greatly outweighs its drawbacks.

  6. Jagariti Bhardwaj says:

    The fast pace development today is bringing comforts and luxuries in life but it also has some undesirable effects. The
    invention of automobiles have cent percent proved this saying. Hence, some people believe that it would have been better
    if they were never originated. On the contrary, i think that today a man is handicapped without this technology. In this
    essay, i shall give some quality-based reasons for this re-evaluation.

    An automobile is an artifact which has increased the graph of its dependency exponentially. In both commercial and
    private world, cars are extensively used by public. People today, use automobiles for their daily commute to workplaces,
    for family outings, for any emergent requirement; in fact for each and every small need outside house, a person relies
    on his car the most.This is because public transport like train or bus are not available everywhere and every time.

    Moreover, a large number of population also earn their bread and butter with the usage of automobiles in form of cab-drivers.
    Apart from that cars can also be lifesavers, which is their best use. Although, we cannot ignore the dangerous effects caused
    by automobiles like a large amount of noise pollution, air pollution, big space occupant leading to traffic jams etc.
    But these demerits far outweigh the ease of comfort they supply. This world has become a small place because of them.

    Thus to sum up, it will be wise to say that an appropriate and limited usage of automobiles will lead to their best
    utilization and least number of drawbacks.

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