Media Has A Big Role To Play In The Spreading Of Any News

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Thanks to advancements in communication technology, media now plays a crucial role in our lives. It has the ability to influence a large set of people within a short span of time. Television and the internet, for example, can provide live coverage of events happening all over the world. This unique ability of media makes it all too powerful because it can be used for both good and bad purposes. 

Using media for good purpose is crucial. Due to its increased reach, media now wields greater power than in the past. It influences not only mature adults but also innocent children and hence it is crucial to share appropriate content. Studies have shown that media has a major impact on a child’s psychology. If children get exposed to violent or inappropriate content on television or the internet, it can affect their normal development.

Not only children but adults are also influenced by media content. For example, when media gives too much coverage to the opulent lifestyle of the rich and the famous, it is a sending a wrong message to the society. People get influenced and start aspiring to have a materialist life. Unfortunately, this can lead to the demise of age old values that made us what we are today. Another reason for serving content that promotes good will is that it has an overall positive impact on the society. For example, coverage of motivational stories and sports inspire people to do something beneficial with their lives. Media is also responsible for dispensing vital information in critical situations. For instance, in the event of a natural calamity or the outbreak of a major epidemic the media should make use of its reach and create awareness among people. This is crucial to save lives.

In conclusion, due to its massive reach media has tremendous influence on the society; however, it should take utmost care to ensure that good news gets more coverage.

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