Life Teaches Us The Lessons And Such Lessons Are The Key To Success | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Life teaches us the lessons and such lessons are the key to success. How far do you agree with this statement and do you think formal education is important or people should rely on their life experiences.

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

According to some people lessons that we learn from our life through various experiences are enough to ensure our success. I do agree with this view to a certain extent. Some of the most successful people in the world received no formal schooling and yet they made a name for themselves by learning from their mistakes and constantly improving their strategies. However, there are only a handful of such people and the vast majority of successful people that we see today are highly educated. In my opinion, formal schooling is as important as life lessons for ensuring the success of a person.

There are certainly a lot of things that we can learn from our life. Life experiences teach us to constantly improve our game by learning from our mistakes. For example, some of the most successful businessmen, politicians and sportspersons of this and the previous century received hardly any formal education. However, they did not waste even a single opportunity to learn from their mistakes and constantly upped their game. Obviously, life lessons can help us succeed.

On the other hand, very few people manage to succeed on the merit of the lessons they learned from life. The vast majority of successful people that we know today have fancy degrees from reputed international institutions. In this age of information explosion, academic learning is all the more important. Companies no longer recruit people who lack a degree. Hence, it is foolish to believe that life lessons alone will ensure our success in life and career.

In conclusion, lessons that we learn from our experiences are certainly important and play a crucial role in making us successful. However, today we need formal education as well because most of the opportunities are in the skilled sector and someone who lacks a university degree cannot seize them.

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  1. Shubham Kumar says:

    Some people believe that modern technology has enhanced sociable behaviour, but others think it has reduced social interactions. Discuss both views and give your opinion?

    It is often argued that people get more interactive with the help of modern technology. However, few people believe that it has decreased the physical interaction among the people. I personally believe that modern technology is just the medium of interaction and it’s the individual’s choice whether they want to be more social or spend its time in isolation.
    To begin with, in this contemporary era, technology has played an inevitable role in the communication between human being. There are many social networking sites available in the world which facilitates the interaction and communication between the people. Many people around the world make new friends, exchange their views on the public forum and share their interests just because of the revolution of social networking sites.
    On the other hand, few people believe that nowadays people like to spend more their time with their gadgets, mobile phones, playing online games and thus, they get less social with other people and spend their most of the time in the isolation. A study conducted by Harvard study found that people who spend most of the time with their phones and gadgets usually have a small friend circle. Even the children, who earlier used to spend their time playing physical sports in parks with other children, are now over-indulged with online games, mobile phones, therefore, their social circle get shrunk day by day.
    I personally believe that it’s the individual’s choice and behaviour which decide the social circle of the person, not the technology. People who are extrovert, they don’t need any technology to get socialized and make friends.
    After analyzing the above scenario it is not very hard to come on the consensus that there is a polarized opinion in the society about the usage of modern technology for being a catalyst in enhancing the social behaviour of the person.

  2. HAO says:

    Some people argue that life experience can be extremely significant for people’s success. Personally, I agree with this view, but I believe that formal education is equally important.

    Everything we experience can lead us a successful life. We learn how to face failure in life, which makes people stronger. This can be the loss of games on the computer, get a lower grade in study, or do not get a response from the person we love. All of these teaches us how to deal with negative emotional feelings and this is one of the major factors of success. We also learn relationships in daily life. We experience friendship, connection with families or intimacy relationship, which makes us be able to build up networks in the workplace. This is important for many professional roles.

    However, the importance of formal education cannot be ignored as well, as it brings a variety of theories and knowledge that are needed for success. For example, lawyers learn regulations, debate skills, and court process, and doctors obtain operation skills and medicine application through formal training from universities. These cannot be fulfilled by life experience. Education from institutions can also provide students opportunities to study with the most knowledgable professors who are the experts of their fields. During this process, students can learn the most advanced knowledge and skills from their courses. This is the key to achieve a successful career in their employment.

    In conclusion, both life experience and academic knowledge are important in an equal measure, and they just play different roles in life in order to make an achievement in life.

  3. Claire says:

    Thank you MANJUSHA.

    It is true that child labor is illegal in many countries like Singapore, Japan, or Canada. In my opinion, this trend can be extremely positive for children, but it can cause issues in certain circumstances.

    Children should not be allowed to work full-time as an employee for several reasons. Firstly, they are easy to get injured due to a lack of full reasoning and problem-solving abilities. This means that operating the same machines, they may not be able to realize when the dangerous will come. Secondly, instead of working full-time in different occupations, they should attend school. Without a formal education, they only have limited choices in job market. Finally, children are more likely to be exploited and work in poor conditions, as they may have no idea about their right in the workplace.

    To make child labor illegal can be a problem. In poor families, children may be the breadwinner to raise the whole family and without their contribution to the family, their family may suffer. In Africa, many parents want their children to work full time to support basic family living costs like, foods and drinks, accommodation, or paying bills in order to reduce the financial burden of the whole family effectively. In other families, some students drop out of school at an early age. These children have nothing to do and are easy to join gangs or other illegal activities if they are not allowed to work full time.

    In conclusion, the regulations to prohibit child labor can benefit people in most cases, as it helps to reduce unnecessary injury, encourage children to go back to school and ensure they are not work under exploitation. However, it can be negative for poor families and for children who leave school early.

  4. Shanky Kalra says:

    There is no doubt that people learn from their experiences. Life is itself a great teacher from whom we can learn ample lessons. In order to sustain a decent life, we need a strong foundation that can be formed with proper education and constant improvement from our own mistakes. This essay will discuss why I agree that conventional education is crucial for living a better life.

    Life is like a season, with every change it teaches us how to cope with it. If we look back a few decades, there are various personalities ranging from political, social, and entertainment background having no formal education, were still able to mark their impression on the whole world. The reason is their firm belief in themselves and constant learning on the way they came across. Thus, it can be deduced life lessons help us to elevate.

    From another point of view, nowadays with the burgeoning population, it is very rare to find people at elite post without academic training. Every organization requires the best candidate for his business, which can be proved only by degrees. As a result, proper education is not only a requirement but a necessity to distinguish among the crowd. Furthermore, the educated class as a whole can also enhance the overall nation’s productivity, which can be evident from the success of developed nations. Therefore, to endure a decent life, education plays an important role.

    In conclusion, although examples that we learn from our life are imperative and helpful to live a prosperous life. Nevertheless, formal education is a prerequisite for meeting today’s demands.

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