Young Employees Have More Skills And Knowledge Than Old Employees

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There are some people who opine that young employees possess more skills, knowledge and higher levels of motivation than senior employees working in the same organization. While I do admit that they have more technical skills, in my opinion, their level of knowledge and motivation are more or less on a par with those of senior employers.

The main advantage that young employees have over senior employees is that they are more tech-savvy. Youngsters grew up in the age of technology. They are adept at using all modern gadgets and technologies. Organizations especially those working at the cutting edge of technology require this expertise of young people and hence they give preference to them while recruiting people. For example, in the information technology (IT) sector technology becomes outdated pretty fast. They need engineers who are well-versed in the latest programming languages and hardware technologies. Needless to say most people employed in this sector are youngsters.

Even so, it is not possible to say that youngsters possess more knowledge or motivation than seniors. Knowledge does not necessarily mean only technological knowledge. While youngsters certainly have an advantage over seniors in matters of technology, it is not possible to say that their knowledge of other aspects of work or life is more. Likewise, the argument that they possess higher level of self-motivation also sounds frivolous to me. Young people are less serious than seniors about their career. Actually, people in their 20’s are more concerned about enjoying their life than making significant contributions to their organization.

In conclusion, young people certainly possess more technical skills than older people. However, I do not agree with the argument that they possess more knowledge or self-motivation.

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