Young Employees Have More Skills And Knowledge Than Old Employees | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Younger employees have more skills, knowledge and more motivated than older employees. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Support your argument with your own experience.

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

There are some people who opine that young employees possess more skills, knowledge and higher levels of motivation than senior employees working in the same organization. While I do admit that they have more technical skills, in my opinion, their level of knowledge and motivation are more or less on a par with those of senior employers.

The main advantage that young employees have over senior employees is that they are more tech-savvy. Youngsters grew up in the age of technology. They are adept at using all modern gadgets and technologies. Organizations especially those working at the cutting edge of technology require this expertise of young people and hence they give preference to them while recruiting people. For example, in the information technology (IT) sector technology becomes outdated pretty fast. They need engineers who are well-versed in the latest programming languages and hardware technologies. Needless to say most people employed in this sector are youngsters.

Even so, it is not possible to say that youngsters possess more knowledge or motivation than seniors. Knowledge does not necessarily mean only technological knowledge. While youngsters certainly have an advantage over seniors in matters of technology, it is not possible to say that their knowledge of other aspects of work or life is more. Likewise, the argument that they possess higher level of self-motivation also sounds frivolous to me. Young people are less serious than seniors about their career. Actually, people in their 20’s are more concerned about enjoying their life than making significant contributions to their organization.

In conclusion, young people certainly possess more technical skills than older people. However, I do not agree with the argument that they possess more knowledge or self-motivation.

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  1. anam iqbal says:

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    To Sum up, there is no doubt that the corpulence must be a worrying issue these days, and if this could not be addressed then this situation will get worse. The governmnt, parent, teachers should play their roles to reduce the risk of obesity in next generaton.

  2. Mahesh says:

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    In conclusion, while space adventures could benefit us, the probability of success is very low, and we have problems on earth that could use the money spent on space research. The public money should be spent for betterment of the people.

  3. Shyam says:

    There is a vast disparity between the younger and old generation with respect to the skill, knowledge and motivational factor. Some opine that younger people exhibit them more, I tend to agree that they cant beat older work class in the skill and knowledge factor.

    The younger generation, as they are in need to sustain in a job, would be highly excited and motivated to showcase their performance. In other words, they have to be highly energetic and enthusiastic about their role in the organisation to prove themselves as a top performer and retain their job. Whereas, senior employees have passed through this stage and possess less motivation than younger ones as they are already settled in the company. They exhibit a less motivational drive to achieve or exert more effort to prove themselves to the management as they have already secured a safe position in the organisation. For instance, it is common to see in the workplace when a new youngster join, how the motivation level deteriorates over a period of time.

    Whereas, when it comes to the skill level and valuable work knowledge, it is the senior class who have an upper hand. They have spent enormous days and inordinate time at their job understanding every aspect of their work and at the same time gone through different trade scenarios. As time progress, even if they lack substantial motivational factor, they would emerge as champions in their area of work. Contradictorily, junior employees lack practical skills and experience as they are new to the corporate environment. Before joining, they are not exposed to any practical job requiring a particular skill set or encountered a live situation to develop experience knowledge. Moreover, this skill and work knowledge can be earned only over a period of time.

    To sum up, even though younger people lack job skills and work knowledge at the initial stage, they are highly charged to learn and gain them. On the other hand, the older generation with high skill and valuable knowledge are not par with the younger group in terms of motivation.

  4. Aashi says:

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Younger employees have more skills, knowledge and more motivated than older employees. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Support your argument with your own experience.

    Young people are more eager to learn and have current ways of performing a job while older employees remain stuck in their ways. I agree with the statement, as younger people are more open-minded and have fewer responsibilities.

    Fresh hires are optimistic about their future. They work with a mindset that sky is the limit, and they want to change the world by working hard. Not only do they realize that they are early in their careers, but also give their best to make a place in a company. To illustrate, when I graduated and joined a company as a software engineer, I used to work over 9 hours a day to make a meaningful impact on the product. The desire to do better differentiates a young employee from an old one.

    On the other hand, older employees get comfortable in their place. Once a worker has spent some time in a company, they stop looking for better ways of doing a job. Instead, the always opt for tested ways, as they are familiar with them, and it involves less risk. Besides, the priorities change as they grow older. To illustrate, most older employees are married, and they must give time to their families.

    To conclude, it is true that young workers have more enthusiasm to work because they have fewer responsibilities and want to make a name for themselves. However, once people grow older, families and experience play an import part of their decision. In short, young people are better employees than the old ones.

  5. mauro says:

    it can be argued that yourger employes have more skills and knowledge to do a better work than the older ones, specially beacuse it can vary depending on the person, thought its true that newer of fresher employes can aproach their duties with a more focused and ambicious way of thinking, and with a greater will to develop more significant and valuables skills, that approach does not always means they provide more knowledge to the chain of work.

    It is acurrate to say that younger persons that are fresh out the accademy have a bigger will to carry that knowledge from the theory to the practice, and prove themselves in the professional field, having current and modern information about how their respective area of bussiness function nowadays.
    Now, taking in consideration that younger workers are just starting to build a financial life on their own, they can also exhibit a more aggresive and powerfull aproach to work more hours, harder shifts, or to face carreer challenges in a more possitive way than older workers, in oder to achiever a more lucrative sallary and a status of corporative success among their peers. However, having more textbook knowledge and more focused skills does not mean having more real life knowledge, since most of it comes from working experience in the field, and that kind of wisdom only can be adquired with years and years of practice, that lack of experience can lead to mistakes and drawbacks that can have high cost to a company that have based most of their work force on younger, more skilled, but yet inexperienced workers.

    On the other hand, older workers have their eficiency conditioned by two factors, the firs one being their habit of performing work task in the same way they have been doing them though all their years of experience, even if those ways can spend more resourses, more time, or simply there is a current way to do it better of wich they are not informed neither interested in, and the second one is their personal life, usually older employes already know how their lives are going to be and what they need for it, therefore it is more likelly for them to not make as much efforts to improve themselves of to dedicate to their work more time or energy than the basic to achieve their functions.

    to conclude, even when a younger worker can be more skilled and more driven to work hard and bring new and fresh ideas to the field, it is not wise neither productive to rely an entire workforce on the shoulders of younger persons, the knowledge and experience of workers with years in the field, are as well necesary to provide a balance between the view of how the things had been done in the past with success, and how they can be done in the future bringing new tools to the table.

  6. John says:

    There are some people who believe that in modern world young employees with contemporary skills is more valuable than experienced old employees.
    Although I opine that youngsters is more suitable for major amount of jobs, however I can not deny a significance of experienced workers.

    The main advantage of young employees over the old ones is that they can grasp new information much faster than the latter. The reason is that they grew up in a new tech world, that gave them a head start. Also it is a telling factor for almost every company due to the following reasons. For instance FANG(Facebook Amazon Netflix Google) prefer to recruit the young specialists because they can do the same amount of job for reduced price tag. Moreover in IT industry employees have to learn a vast number of new technologies that is not convenient for an old professionals.

    On the other hand old professionals is not so motivated and charged for new feats which is not suitable for companies who intend to extend their authority. In contrast, most people in their 20’s are very motivated and inspired to achieve their life goals, organizations in turn appreciate that. For these reasons companies even created internships, summer schools and challenger programs to find desirable people in their school ages.

    To conclude, I reiterate that old specialists may be more experienced, but youngsters have already conquered the job market because of the aforementioned reasons and I think that this trend will not stop in the future.

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