IELTS Report About Island Before And After The Construction Of Some Tourist Facilities

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Sample report

The given maps illustrate an island as it is and after it undergoes some infrastructure development. Overall, it is clear that a significant amount of facilities including housing and restaurant were added to the island. In the first map, we can only see some cluster of trees on the east and west parts of the island. The rest of the island is unoccupied.

The second map shows tremendous changes. We can find a swimming area near the beach which is on the west side of the island.  In addition, several houses have been built in the western and middle parts of the island. There is a restaurant and a reception between the two areas of housing. Several footpaths have been built to connect the houses to the beach. Vehicle tracks have also been added around the reception and they extend to the restaurant and the pier. The only thing that has not changed is the number of trees.

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