Many Museums Charge For Admission While Others Are Free | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Many museums charge for admission while others are free. Do you think the advantages of charging people for admission to museums outweigh the disadvantages? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

It has become more common for museums to charge an entry fee from visitors. In my opinion, the benefits of this practice outweigh the disadvantages.

When museums charge a fee for entry, they can offer better facilities to their visitors. For example, they can hire more people to offer warmer and more considerate services to tourists. They can hire more knowledgeable guides who can provide accurate information about the pieces on display. They can even hire people to babysit for the couples who want to enjoy the museum without getting disturbed by the ruckus created by their little babies. In addition, they can invest in wheelchairs for differently enabled people. Obviously, there are clear benefits to charging an entry fee.

On top of this, the income from the sale of tickets is more stable than the donations received from patrons. Museums that offer free entry depend entirely on the measly funds provided by the government. Consequently, they cannot maintain the museum properly. This actually leads to a fall in the number of visitors. That means even if entry is fee, few people will want to visit the museums. By contrast, tourists will throng museums with state-of-the-art facilities even if there is an entry fee. Needless to say, the most famous museums in the world all charge a fee from visitors.

To sum up, there are more advantages than disadvantages to charging an entry fee from visitors. Of course, the cost of visiting a museum will increase if there is an entry fee but most people will still be able to afford them. Better still, with the entry fee collected from visitors, museums can provide better experience which will encourage more and more people to pay a visit.

Many museums charge for admission while others are free – Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

People have different views on the entry fees charged by museums, but I believe that no museum should collect fee from the public because of several reasons.

Removing the admission fee for the museum would benefit the public. The first reason behind this view is that it will benefit the public. In some countries the economic status is not good and people do not wish to spend money on such things because they are struggling to fulfil their needs and they do not have extra money to spend on other things. Secondly, if there is no admission fee, it will attract more people to visit the museum. Moreover, people would visit museums instead of public places such as the park and the seacoast and so on. In that case, people will not only have quality time but also become familiar with the concept of museum and their advantages. Finally, facilitating circumstances like free admission would be a good encouragement to young individuals / a young individual to visit the museum more often and get familiar with the history of their own nations. For instance, King Nader Shah Afshar is the person that Iranian people are always proud of because he expanded the territory of Iran during his rule. His museum is located in Khorasan province and actually it’s free and open to public so that young Iranians all know about his actions.

On the other hand, even though the charging of the admission fee is not beneficial for the people, it does have some benefits. In my opinion, the admission fee helps authorities to recover the maintenance costs of the museum and provide better services to the public. In the same vein, some part of the income could be spent for renewing cultural heritage such as ancient sculptures or buildings that have long been ignored by the governments. The other issue is that when people pay for something they want it to be worth their money. Furthermore, they won’t visit the museum except they have special purposes and scheduled plans to use every minute they have and enjoy their moments Finally, the admission charge avoids the excessive halt of people and actual visitors have more chances of visiting the museum and enjoy their moment. Meanwhile, securing the area with a fewer proportion of visitors would be as easy as securing the crowded area.

In conclusion, although charging an admission fee would be beneficial in some cases, there are more benefits to offering free entry.

Many museums charge for admission while others are free – Band 7 essay sample

Museums are one of the ideal means for preserving art and culture. Several museums charge a fee from the visitors for allowing them to enter these places and to see various rare and historically important objects or paintings. Despite the fewer drawbacks of this practice, its financial benefits seem to be promising. I, therefore, feel it is reasonable to believe that the brighter sides of this overshadow the darker aspects.

At the outset, the primary reason why it is meritorious is that only by keeping set prices for tickets, the people who are running museums can earn an income. Since many of the objects inside the museum require continuous maintenance, museum authorities need a source of revenue. The main advantage of charging an entry fee is that it will prevent casual visitors. Many people simply see the museum as a meeting place and have no interest in the exhibits. They disturb genuine visitors. Also, if museums allow people to stroll inside it for no cost it would actually lead them to get bankrupt as they run out of money. Hence, the public will also lose their chance to visit that museum. Apart from that, as people tend to believe that only museums that charge for admission have something precious inside, charging is necessary to increase the number of visitors. On account of these, it is needless to emphasize that charging visitors is advantageous.

In spite of these, some drawbacks do exist. That is when charges are much higher people hesitate to go to the museum and might consider doing other less expensive activities. Poor people therefore are indirectly denied an opportunity to visit the museum. If the museum charges nothing for people’s entry into them, it would allow many more people from various financial backgrounds to enjoy the exhibits / artifacts of a museum.

Suffice to say, having analysed the various aspects of the context it appears that charging for an admission into the museum is unavoidable for the smooth functioning of museums. Thus this practice has more merits than demerits. As long as the ticket prices are affordable, people can enjoy them and museums can generate enough revenue.

Many museums charge for admission while others are free – Band 7 IELTS essay sample

Unquestionably, museums are the reflection of our history, values and ethics. According to some people, a visitor must pay an entry fee before visiting these places, while others assert that entry should be free for all visitors. In my opinion, a museum should charge a fee from all the visitors. This essay will elucidate my viewpoint in detail.

There are many benefits to charging a fee from all the visitors. To start with, money accumulated by charging an entry fee can be used in the maintenance of these structures. If we want to protect our museums, we need a source of income for protecting these buildings and charging a fee from all visitors is a good practice. Besides this, it will restrict the unruly visitors from entering these museums and disturbing other people. For instance, in India, to control the rowdy visitors, the government has started charging fees from all the visitors who are visiting museums which are being managed by the government itself. Hence, it is a good practice to collect an entry fee from visitors.

However, some people argue that it will interdict not so affluent people from visiting these museums because they cannot afford an entry fee. Moreover, a museum is meant to make us erudite about our history, our successes and failures and by depriving them of an opportunity to enter these premises is a loss for our society. Hence, we should not charge a fee from all the visitors.

In conclusion, those who are not in favour of charging an entry fee believe that it will restrict the underprivileged section from learning about our past; however, in my opinion, if we want to protect a museum for a longer period, we should certainly charge fees from all the visitors so that we can use that fund for the maintenance of these structures.

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  1. Amanjot kaur says:

    One of the most conspicuous trend of today’s world is colossal upsurge in the practice of charging entrance fee for the museums.In my opinion,entry fee has more positive impacts than negatives in the globe and this will be discussed using a pragmatic approach.

    To commence with,there are a myriad of arguments in favour of my stance.The most preponderant one includes the stable financial aid to the museums,which will be helpful in proper maintenance and efficient working of it.Secondly,the amenities that are being provided to the visitors will definitely increase.It will lead to bolster in the number of visitors.To epitome,in our societies ,the most famous museums collect fee to allow to pay visit.

    Last but not the least, Imposing fee for the service help the management to maintain proper discipline and environment in the respective buildings.The reason behind this is simple, only interested ones bothers themselves to pay money and they will act in a proper manner.Conversely,some potential users could get deprive from that service because of unavailability of cash such as poor scholars and researchers .But this problem can be solved by giving them free access to the museums’ service.

    As far as I concerned,the idea of involving fee structure in the museums is really beneficial.But government needs to help the needy individuals to avail the service of that particular places.

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