Countries Are Becoming More And More Similar

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Thanks to the advent of globalization, international corporations have opened their branches in every corner of the world. Consequently, the same products are available everywhere and this has made people and countries look the same. In my opinion, this is not exactly a positive change. I will support my stand with valid arguments in the following paragraphs.

First of all, when people everywhere buy the same products, cultural identities disappear. For example, in Shanghai, many foreign clothing companies sell T-shirts to local residents. As a result, few local people wear traditional clothes like qipao now and the traditional clothing industry is dying. Many young people cannot even identify their traditional clothing and fewer people know how to make traditional clothes. If the government took actions to help the traditional clothing industry, people would be able to keep their cultural heritage and craftsmen working in this sector would not lose their livelihood. Unfortunately, that is not the case and locals are forgetting their culture and ethnicity.

On top of this, buying the same stuff everywhere is bad for local economies and the environment. Oftentimes, products are imported from foreign countries and have to travel thousands of miles before they reach the end user. This does not help the environment or the local craftsmen. The only beneficiaries are multinational companies. Small businesses and manufactures cannot compete with them and quickly lose their market share and there is less demand for skilled workers who can produce goods with local features. Consequently, people employed in traditional sectors are becoming jobless. For instance, the young generation prefers fast food rather than traditional Chinese food. The market is shrunk for these people who make a living by selling traditional Chinese foods. Likewise, carpenters, cobblers, potters are all becoming jobless in the current scenario.

To sum up, the disadvantages overweigh the benefits when people begin to buy the same goods everywhere and different regions become more and more similar. In this scenario, the cultural heritage will be destroyed and the unemployment rate will rise.

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