IELTS Academic Word List 1


Today’s academic word is Aspect.

Meanings: feature, characteristic, phase, trait, quality attribute, appearance, quality etc

Aspect can be used in many contexts. Some adjectives that are commonly used with aspect are: positive, negative, important, key, specific, particular, crucial, practical, legal, financial, ecological, political, specific and ethical.

Examples are:

negative aspects of the problem

crucial aspect of the situation

particular aspect of the issue

IELTS Exercise

Complete the following sentences using the options given in the brackets.

1. Before we arrive ———————— (at / on / with / to) a decision we must look at ———————— (all / discussed / loyal / the) aspects of the situation.

2. ———————– (a / particularly / the / whole) good aspect of the village can be seen from the tower.

3. ————————- (this / negative / such / particular) is the aspect of the problem that worries me most.

4. She wore an aspect ———————— (of / on / for / with) happy optimism.

5. One major aspect is ————————- (how / know / this / that) to attract the best faculty and students.


1. at, 2. a, 3. this 4. of 5. how

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