IELTS Vocabulary Exercise

In the following passage some words have been replaced with blanks. Fill up these blanks using the most appropriate word from each set of alternatives.

Whatever be the character of your problem, one of the first steps towards resolving it is to try and escape from it even though it is ————————(1) ——————– to do so, and return once again to the normal course of your life. Spend time with your old friends. Form new friendships. Get yourself busy walking, riding, swimming, playing – let the blood course through your system. Lose yourself in some worthwhile project. Fill your days with ———————– (2) ——————– activities and enjoy their physical aspect. Employ healthy mind-relieving busyness, but be sure that it is worthwhile and —————– (3) —————– in nature. Superficial escapism through activities such as partying and drinking merely deadens pain ————–(4)——————– and does not heal. An excellent means of surviving pain is to give vent to it. There is a foolish belief that one should not —————(5) ———————— grief and that it is ————–(6)——— ———– to cry or express oneself through the ————-(7) ———–mechanism of tears. This is a denial of the law of nature. Remember that it is natural to feel the need to cry when one experiences pain or sorrow.


1. a) possible b) impossible c) difficult d) none of these

2. a) creative b) dynamic c) stable d) none of these

3. a)  destructive b) constructive c) critical d) none of these

4. a) permanently b) temporarily c) instantly d) none of these

5. a) express b) suppress c) experience d) none of these

6. a) improper b) proper c) convenient d) none of these

7. a) natural b) cultural c) social d) none of these


1. Difficult 2.  Dynamic 3. Constructive 4. Temporarily 5. Express 6. Improper 7. Natural

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