How to avoid repetition?

Repetition should be avoided because it makes your writing dull and monotonous. If you want to obtain a good band score, you should try not to use the same words and structures in successive clauses and sentence.

Some kinds of repetition are actually ungrammatical.

How to avoid repetition?

Use a pronoun to refer again to a person or thing that has already been mentioned. Repeating the noun or noun phrase that was first used is not considered correct.

  • ‘Where is John?’ ‘He is in the library.’ (NOT ‘John is in the library.’)
  • The watch was expensive but we bought it. (NOT The watch was expensive but we bought the watch.)
  • Dad cut himself shaving. (NOT Dad cut dad shaving.)
  • Michael got his stereo stolen. (NOT Michael got Michael’s stereo stolen.)
  • She is staying at the Palace Hotel so let’s meet her there. (NOT She is staying at the Palace Hotel so let’s meet her at the Palace Hotel.)

Note that repetition is quite normal when alternatives are discussed.

  • ‘Shall we wait or go?’ ‘Let’s go.’

Avoid putting related nouns and verbs together.

Study the sentences given below.

  • I have made a wonderful plan. (NOT I have planned a wonderful plan.)
  • Or you can say: I have planned something wonderful.

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