Governments And Companies Should Work Together To Reverse Environmental Damage | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Governments and big companies should work together to reverse environmental damage, rather than making individuals responsible for that. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your opinion and relevant examples.

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

According to some people, the onus is on governments and large industries to solve environmental issues, and not on individuals. I do not quite agree with this view. In my opinion, everyone has the responsibility to contribute their bit to reverse environmental damage. Of course, governments and large corporations can do more, but this does not mean that individuals have no responsibility.

Governments can help solve environmental issues by enacting strict laws that prevent deforestation and illegal mining. For example, illegal sand mining has destroyed many rivers in India. Strict laws are needed to prevent this practice. Likewise, the clearing of forest land for building industries and residential spaces should be stopped with stringent laws. In addition, the government should support the use of renewable sources of energy like solar and wind. It can incentivize companies conducting research in this field and offer subsidies to encourage people to install solar panels on their rooftops. Promotion of electronic vehicles is another way to reduce environmental damage. Only governments can take such measures.

Industries are the biggest polluters and as such they have a greater role than anyone else to reverse at least some of the damage caused by them. They can do this by investing in eco-friendly technologies. Manufacturing companies must ensure that they do not dump untreated waste into water bodies. Likewise, they must limit the use of plastic for packaging. Large businesses can also drive various environmental promotion drives.

Individuals like you and me have to contribute our bit too. We can do this by adopting responsible consumption. We must resist the temptation to buy products we do not need. We need to realize that our use and throw culture is causing a great deal of damage to the planet. If everyone practices thoughtful consumption of the available resources, we can prevent further damage to the environment.

In conclusion, environmental issues cannot be solved by any particular person or authority. Collective efforts of individuals, companies and governments are required to arrest the damage caused to the environment.

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6 Responses

  1. Sarbjeet Singh says:

    Global warming is becoming a pressing problem. It is sometimes considered that the government must collaborate with multinational companies to mitigate the environment damages and set citizens free from such responsibilities. While I agree that the former should work on it, but I also believe that the latter should also take several measures to save the earth from the pollution.

    Pollutions such as sea, air and land are rising at an unprecedented scale so that a huge amount of money and resources are required to clean these domains. This is only possible if all governments throughout the world work together with big organizations those have technologies to deal with the pollution. On the flip side, An individual can not even think about cleaning an ocean from plastic particles. Moreover, the national authorities already have many resources like money, transportation and electricity and power to retify laws to take over this damage.

    On the other hand, Individuals should understand their responsibilities towards the environment that would help in cleaning their neighbourhood from the pollution. To take an example of using public transport to travel nearby places and leaving personal vehicles at home mitigates the air pollution to a certain extent. This will reduce the load from the government shoulders in the long run. Thus, it is evident that the public should come forward to save the earth and make it a nice living place.

    In conclusion, In my opinion, the government and big organization should come forward together to undo all environmental damages and people must deter themselves from polluting the earth.

  2. nedi says:

    and relevant examples.
    It is argued that government and the large industries have to cooperate to solve the environmental issues instead of putting the blame on people. I have to say that in my opinion, I think all of us have to try our best to address ecology problems since we all are living on the same planet.
    Firstly, we have to start with ourselves and should admit that we are damaging our environment in different ways. For example, ozone depletion and global warming are the results of our carbon footprints. If we had tried to use a car run by hydroelectric power, we would not have the massive amount of green gases we have today. Another example is rare animal species extinction which is a crucial problem these days. By using less plastic or improving the recycling sectors, less plastic would be released into the nature and consequently, the habitat of animals would be cleaner. To illustrate, massive amount of plastic in the oceans is threatening whale and sea creatures lives.
    Secondly, apart from people’s detrimental effects, government and large companies have to take some steps as they have the main power. To begin with, government have to allocate fund to environmentally-friendly programs like educational programs on the importance of our natural habitat. This can be done easily by handing out leaflets and free educational courses. The government also can legislate strict laws enforcing people not to use their petroleum-based cars or recollect old buses with hazardous emission. Moreover industries should replace all hazardous agents they are using, with eco-friendly materials. One example is replacing plastic with cloth in production of shopping bags. By this extensive collaboration eventually we may be capable of reversing all ecological damages
    All in all, for having a clean planet, we all are responsible regardless of what profession we are doing or what race we are belonging to because we are living together on this Earth and we have to keep it intact to pass it to the next generation.

  3. Shyam says:

    he modern world has been witnessing many environmental issues and it is important to consider whether governments and large organisations should cooperate to face this issue or should they operate alone. While some might argue that alone is best, I would consider the benefit of working together and agree that government should tie-up with big corporates to confront the environmental issue.

    On the one hand, some people argue that environmental protection should be the responsibility of either the Government or the large corporates rather a joint mission.
    This is because in this way the accountability of cleaning and preserving the nature will be vested with a single party. For example, the ‘street cleaning’ campaign initiated jointly by the Government of India and corporate gaint TATA was not efficacious due to the lack of proper division of scope of work among them.
    Therefore, if the Individuals are not made responsible, a proper plan or system to curb such a sensitive issue will not be possible and there are chances that all parties involved including government and companies will blame each other for the catastrophe.

    On the other hand, I firmly believe that a joint cooperation between the public and private institution is necessary when it comes to addressing a global treat. The reason is the synergy that can be created with the multi-national company’s financial support and the government resources can ensure that the effort put forward to reverse environmental damages will see light. For example, the ‘Great Ocean Clean’ campaign ventured by the Government of India and the Sunrise Fisheries Pvt Ltd company was very successful as both individuals used their strength instead of hosting the campaign alone. Thus, if multiple organisations can join and share their resources for a single issue, there will be no hefty burden on a single shoulder and obviously, a shared vision can ensure a more positive impact.

    To sum up, even though the sense of responsibility will be more when a single party is dedicated towards a goal, it is my firm belief that a joint hand between large companies and the Government will be advisable for any major issues or tasks like reversing environmental problems.

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