Governments And Companies Should Work Together To Reverse Environmental Damage

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According to some people, the onus is on governments and large industries to solve environmental issues, and not on individuals. I do not quite agree with this view. In my opinion, everyone has the responsibility to contribute their bit to reverse environmental damage. Of course, governments and large corporations can do more, but this does not mean that individuals have no responsibility.

Governments can help solve environmental issues by enacting strict laws that prevent deforestation and illegal mining. For example, illegal sand mining has destroyed many rivers in India. Strict laws are needed to prevent this practice. Likewise, the clearing of forest land for building industries and residential spaces should be stopped with stringent laws. In addition, the government should support the use of renewable sources of energy like solar and wind. It can incentivize companies conducting research in this field and offer subsidies to encourage people to install solar panels on their rooftops. Promotion of electronic vehicles is another way to reduce environmental damage. Only governments can take such measures.

Industries are the biggest polluters and as such they have a greater role than anyone else to reverse at least some of the damage caused by them. They can do this by investing in eco-friendly technologies. Manufacturing companies must ensure that they do not dump untreated waste into water bodies. Likewise, they must limit the use of plastic for packaging. Large businesses can also drive various environmental promotion drives.

Individuals like you and me have to contribute our bit too. We can do this by adopting responsible consumption. We must resist the temptation to buy products we do not need. We need to realize that our use and throw culture is causing a great deal of damage to the planet. If everyone practices thoughtful consumption of the available resources, we can prevent further damage to the environment.

In conclusion, environmental issues cannot be solved by any particular person or authority. Collective efforts of individuals, companies and governments are required to arrest the damage caused to the environment.

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