UK Telephone Calls In Minutes Academic IELTS Report

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The bar graph depicts the total number of minutes (in billions) that UK residents spoke on three categories of telephones during the period between 1995 and 2002. We can see that throughout the given period, local fixed line calls were the most popular. In 1995, local fixed lines were used to make telephone calls totaling to over 72 billion minutes whereas the duration of national and international fixed line calls was about half of this at about 37 billion minutes. Over the next years, the talk time of local fixed line calls increased and it reached its highest value of 90 billion minutes in 1999. Afterwards, it started falling. Even so, the total minutes of local calls in 2002 were the same as that in 1995. National and international fixed line calls also increased over the years but at a slower pace. While in 1995 national and international fixed line calls of 37 billion minutes were made, this figure reached 60 billion minutes in 2002. Mobile phones registered the highest growth in talk time over the years. Overall, there was no massive spike in the minutes of local fixed and national and international fixed line calls, but mobile calls shot up over the period from 3 billion minutes in 1995 to 45 billion minutes in 2002.

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