Will English Remain A Global Language Despite Globalisation? | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Do you think English will remain to be a global language despite globalisation?

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Throughout the world, English is considered as a link language that enables speakers of different mother tongues to communicate with one another. Some people argue that in this age of globalization, English may get replaced by another prominent language. I do not agree with this view. In my opinion, instead of shaking the prominence of English as a global language, globalization will only reinforce it.

English has more speakers than any other language in the world. Actually, the majority of them speak English as a second language. This is a clear indication of its popularity outside of English speaking countries like the USA, the UK and Australia. No other language enjoys this kind of reach.

Of course, languages like Mandarin and Hindi are gaining prominence because many businesses are moving to China and India. This, however, does not mean that Mandarin or Hindi will replace English. While it is true that these languages have a considerable number of speakers within their countries, they are almost never used outside. This is not the case with English.

Another factor that bolsters the popularity of English is the fact that much of the scientific literature is written in English. In other words, anyone who wants to stay abreast of the developments in science and technology need to know English. In addition, the vast majority of websites on the internet are in English. That means people who have a working knowledge of English have access to an endless pool of information. That explains why even countries like China and Japan have started teaching English in schools.

To conclude, English is the language of opportunity and communication. As trade and commerce increase between countries, other languages may also gain more speakers. However, the argument that they will replace English as the language of communication does not hold water in view of the points mentioned above.

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