The Two Maps Show An Island Before And After The Construction Of Some Tourist Facilities

Band 9 report sample

The two maps depict an island, before and after the construction of a few tourist facilities. As it is shown in the maps, dramatic changes have occurred on the island. Looking at the first map, we can clearly see that the island was a plane piece of land with a few trees mainly in the eastern side. There is a beach to the west of the island. There were hardly any other natural and manmade features on the island.

In the second map, we can see accommodation facilities for tourists. There is a cluster of housing in the west and also another cluster of housing in the centre of the island. There is a restaurant and reception area between these housing centres. The houses on the west are connected by a footpath which also extends to the beach. Tourists can swim around the beach. There is a vehicle track around the reception area. It extends to the restaurant on the north and the pier in the south from where tourists can enjoy boating and fishing. Overall, the construction has made the island a tourist attraction.

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