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Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

The two maps below show an island before and after the construction of some tourist facilities. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

From the given maps, it can be seen how an island has changed after it is developed for tourism. Overall, while the west and middle parts of the island have been developed, the east part has remained the same.

First, speaking of new developments on the island, two clusters of tourist homes have been built both in the east and central parts of the island. Footpaths have also been built connecting each building. There is a restaurant between the residential buildings near the north coast.

Moreover, to the south side of the restaurants, a reception centre, connected to a pier, has also been built. At the same time, roads are built to connect the pier with the reception area and the restaurant.

As for the changes to the coastline, a swimming area has been set up alongside the beach of the westernmost coastline. Furthermore, a pier, which provides direct access to the reception centre and boat sports area, has been constructed on the south coast.

Band 9 report sample

The two maps depict an island, before and after the construction of a few tourist facilities. As it is shown in the maps, dramatic changes have occurred on the island.

Looking at the first map, we can clearly see that the island was a plane piece of land with a few trees mainly in the eastern side. There is a beach to the west of the island. There were hardly any other natural and manmade features on the island.

In the second map, we can see accommodation facilities for tourists. There is a cluster of housing in the west and also another cluster of housing in the centre of the island. There is a restaurant and reception area between these housing centres. The houses on the west are connected by a footpath which also extends to the beach. Tourists can swim around the beach. There is a vehicle track around the reception area. It extends to the restaurant on the north and the pier in the south from where tourists can enjoy boating and fishing. Overall, the construction has made the island a tourist attraction.

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4 Responses

  1. jisan wells says:

    The former map demonstrates an island before it was renovated while the latter map illustrates how it looks after the redevelopment.
    Referring to the island before remodeling, it was almost an empty (barren) land with a few scrawny (thin) trees standing randomly. To the west of it, a beach is located. The length of the island measures 100 meters.
    Moving to the island after it was redecorated, at first, a reception area has been installed in the middle. To the North and South of the reception, a restaurant, and a pier are established respectively. Besides, a vehicle track has been laid from the restaurant to the pier encircling the reception. To the East and West of the reception, a number of cottages linked by footpaths have been built. Moreover, cottages that are in the western segment of the island are connected by a footpath to the beach which itself has been made suitable for swimming. Interestingly, despite scores of changes, the trees have not been logged.
    Overall, it is clear from the maps that because of the renovation an uninhabitable island has become a paradise for tourists.

  2. ahmet says:

    The two pictures illustrate how the map of an island changed after building some tourism facilities.
    We can see that there were no buildings before the construction of the facilities. However, the beach and the green areas on the island are not affected by these tourism developments.
    Many accommodations were built with the invasion of the tourism facilities on the island. These dwellings occupy most of the space and sit on both sides of the island centre. At the centre of the island, there is a building for the reception which is connected to accommodations with footpaths.
    Also, some footpaths were made for enabling walking of the tourist to the beach. From reception to both north and south, there is a vehicle track that facilitates transportation within the island. South road ends with the dock while the north road allows visitors to go to the restaurant.

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