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Some people consider price as the most important thing to consider when buying a product (such as a cell phone) or a service (eg. medical treatment). Do you agree or disagree?

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IELTS Essay Sample

Price is certainly an important thing to consider while buying a product or service. However, in my opinion, it cannot be the most important consideration.

When two products which serve the exact same purpose are available at different price points, it certainly makes sense to opt for the cheaper product. Take, for instance, the case of smart phones. Some models are ridiculously pricey because of their brand name. There are also considerably cheaper models with similar features and build quality. In this case, by opting for the cheaper model a buyer can save money without compromising on quality. Likewise, there is no point in buying designer garments, bags or shoes for exorbitant prices when similar quality products are available for much less. However, there are some buyers who insist on buying only branded ware. They are not exactly concerned about the usability of the product. They only want to show off and consequently, they show an unhealthy preference for expensive products.

Having said that, sometimes the price of a product/service can be an indication of its quality and in this case opting for the cheaper product will only lead to loss. For example, when it comes to medical treatment, we cannot compromise on quality. Since quality medical care is unlikely to be cheap, this will also mean that we cannot consider the price in this case because opting for cheaper treatment can result in the loss of a precious life.

To conclude, price is just one of the many factors to consider while buying a product. Other factors such as quality and durability are equally important. As for the trend of buying expensive products just to show off, I think it is foolish.

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