Able means capable, skillful, good, efficient, expert, competent, proficient, accomplished, experienced, learned etc.

  • The surgery was performed by two able surgeons.
  • We have had several good captains, but Rahul is the ablest of them all.
  • She is an able woman.

The word able can also be used to talk about ability.

  • The old woman was barely able to walk.
  • We are not able to grant this request.
  • He is able to walk on his hands.

Ability (noun)

Ability is the power or capacity to do something. It can also mean skill or talent.

  • He has the ability to manage a team of workers coming from different socioeconomic backgrounds.

Ability has a plural form: abilities

Antonyms of able

Incapable, incompetent, inexpert, inept, unskillful, indifferent, fair, mediocre, incompetent, unqualified

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