IELTS speaking practice | Talk about your future plans

Talk about one of your future plans. Please say

– What would you like to do?
– How do you intend to achieve it?
– How will it help you?

Sample response

I would like to travel around the world, meet new people and learn more about other countries and cultures. I intend to achieve this by becoming a journalist. I would like to work for international media houses like BBC. Actually I am keen on becoming a correspondent for a leading newspaper. I have several reasons to choose this career option. It will give me an opportunity to travel and make a difference to the world. I have already done post graduation in English literature and now I am pursuing a course in journalism. I am confident of finding employment with a respectable media house after completing this course. I have always had a great deal of interest in national and international affairs. There are so many things that I feel strongly about and by becoming a journalist I will be able to make my voice heard. I also enjoy interacting with people and make whatever little difference I can make to this world.

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