Young People In The Modern World Seem To Have More Power And Influence Than Any Previous Young Generation

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Nowadays, young people enjoy a lot more influence than what their parents or grandparents enjoyed when they were young. They seem to enjoy more power and success in their careers and also get higher recognition among people.

One of the main reasons for this is the advent of the internet and social media. The internet gave the common man a voice. You can now express your opinion on just about anything. You can criticize the government. You can join various groups online and launch mass movements. Nowadays, you can even expose a corrupt official with a camera phone. This was not possible twenty years ago. Consequently, now offices are more transparent. Corruption has dwindled because officials are afraid of getting exposed. Actually, the internet made people more powerful. It also enabled people to find a source of income on their own. I work from home. Without the internet, I would not be able to earn an income.

In addition, young people today are able to showcase their talents and creativity to the world through various social networks and applications. This makes them highly influential. Even two or three year olds can become Instagram influencers these days. Many a time, for instance, people get motivated and learn from other people by watching their inspirational videos or content. Thus, the modern world is full of opportunities for young people to showcase their talent and achieve recognition.

However, this revolution drastically impacts the relationship between young and old people. While, on the one hand, old people are struggling to adapt themselves to the methods of the modern era, youngsters find it difficult to offer them the support they need because they are busy with their own activities. Therefore, older people are unable to keep pace with the changing world.

To conclude, the internet and information technology have given tech-savvy youngsters a voice and made them powerful today. Unfortunately, it has increased the generation gap between youngsters and their parents mainly because the latter is not able to keep pace with technology.

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