In Many Countries, People Are Now Living Longer Than Ever Before

To what extent do the advantages of having an ageing population outweigh the disadvantages?

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Around the world more and more individuals are now able to live longer lives. While some people believe that the increase in the number of old people creates issues for the governments, others believe that they are beneficial for the society. In my opinion, the advantages of having an ageing population do not really outweigh the disadvantages.

There are certainly some benefits to having more aged people in the society. They are knowledgeable people. They have several decades of experience behind them. Consequently, they can guide the young generation. Seniors will also be able to perform jobs that do not require physical strength or stamina. For example, thanks to their knowledge and wisdom, they can work as consultants or mentors. Even if they choose not to work, at home, they can take good care of their grandchildren and ensure that the little ones receive proper upbringing.

On the flip side, aged people have special needs. They are more likely to be plagued by various health problems. Consequently, most of them cannot work or earn money. That means the majority of seniors are not earning members of the society. They depend on their children or social welfare schemes. Of course, some of them have enough savings to live comfortably but many are fully dependent on the government or their children. This dependence makes them sort of a liability. Because they have various health problems, they are also a burden on the public healthcare system. In order to cater to their healthcare needs, the governments have to invest a lot of money. Sometimes, this hurts the spending on other crucial sectors.

To conclude, seniors certainly benefit the society in many ways. Their knowledge and wisdom make them good mentors. At the same time, their inability to earn an income and take care of their living and medical expenses makes them a liability. Hence, I believe that there are more disadvantages than advantages to having a sizable population of seniors.

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