The Graph Shows Information About The Staff Of Shore Hotel

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Here is a model report on this topic.

The table provides information regarding the language skills and previous work experience of the employees of a shore hotel during the years between 1975 and 2010.

Overall, it can be observed that the percentage of the staff speaking two or more languages increased continuously from 10 percent in 1975 to 79 percent in 2010. Meanwhile the percentage of staff with language qualification rose gradually from 5 percent in 1975 to 22 percent in 2000. Then it fell marginally to 20 percent in 2010. On the other hand, the percentage of staff with previous work experience was higher in 1975 than in 2010. While in 1975, 75 percent of the shore hotel staff had previous work experience, their percentage kept declining over the next few years except in 1985 when it was 78 percent. It was the lowest in 2005 (45%). However, over the next five years, it rose considerably to reach 67 percent.

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