The Amount Spent On Six Consumer Goods In Four European Countries

amount of money spent on six consumer goods in four European countries

Sample report

The given chart shows the amount of money spent on six items by consumers in Germany, Italy, France and Britain. Overall, it can be seen that Britain spent the most on all consumer goods whereas Germany spent the least on all items except two. The Brits spent nearly 170 thousand pounds on photographic films while the French spent about 165 thousand pounds on them. All the four nations spent nearly the same amount of money on personal stereos with Britain spending slightly more on them (150 thousand pounds). France spent the least on racquets (about 145 thousand pounds). The British spending on perfumes (160 thousand pounds) was considerably higher than what the other three countries spent on this item. Italy and France spent the same amount of money on toys (about 158 thousand pounds). While Germany spent only about 148 thousand pounds on this item, Britain spent as much as 170 thousand pounds. Except for Germany, all the other three nations spent the most on photographic films. Germany spent slightly more on racquets and perfumes than films.

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