Traditional Lifestyles of Many People in Developing Countries Are Attracting Increasing Amount of International Tourists

Traditional lifestyles attract tourists IELTS essay

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Traditional ways of living intrigue people from the modern world. In fact, now a large number of tourists from the developed western countries are traveling to places in Africa and Asia to experience the old way of living first hand. Some people argue that in order to encourage tourists to keep coming, these places are deliberately maintained old and traditional. I do not quite agree with this view.

Farm stays and village tours are now attracting a lot of affluent travelers. These people are not able to experience traditional ways of living in their modern cities. Hence, they are traveling thousands of miles to less developed countries. For example, in many parts of the world, people still live in mud houses with thatched roofs. They do every household task with their hands. They still use firewood for cooking food and adopt traditional methods of farming and harvesting. In some parts of the world, these traditional lifestyles are still preserved to attract more tourists. This, however, does not prevent the urbanization of these places.

Tourism brings revenue. The influx of tourists benefits local people in numerous ways. They earn more revenue and that will automatically improve their standard of living. In most cases, the traditional living is confined to tiny pockets just to attract tourists. For example, in my state Kerala, the tourism department has built a tribal village in the district of Wayanad. Tribal people do not really live there but this village gives tourists a glimpse into their way of living. This village also gives them an opportunity to sell their crafts and forest produce to tourists. The locals who entertain tourists in these traditional pockets also lead a modern and comfortable life outside of it. This traditional living is usually a mere façade.

In conclusion, tourism will never prevent modernization or lead to the backwardness of an area. It always brings prosperity. Even in areas where the traditional lifestyle is the major highlight, modernization is still very much present. The tourists just do not see it.   

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