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In recent times, public transportation has become increasingly important. One major benefit of using public transport is that it reduces the number of vehicles on roads and thus slows down global warming. However, there are also some problems associated with it. For example, traveling on a crowded bus during rush hours can be quite uncomfortable. The merits and demerits of public transport will be discussed in this essay.

One of the major benefits of using public transport is that it reduces air pollution. When more and more people use public transport, there will be fewer private cars on the road. This helps reduce air pollution and thus improve air quality. In addition, some means of public transport such as high-speed trains, trains and hybrid buses cause zero pollution because they run on electricity. Another advantage is that people can be more productive while taking public transportation. When you are driving, you have to focus on the road ahead of you.  But if you take public transportation, you can finish an assignment, read a book or let your mind wander.

On the down side, taking public transport can be an uncomfortable experience during rush hours. Getting stuck in an overcrowded bus or train for an hour or so every morning and evening is not a pleasant experience for anyone. In addition, public transport can be unsafe in cities where the crime rate is high as it increases your risk of getting robbed.

In conclusion, public transport is a good way to get around, especially in cities where its frequency and reliability are quite good. However, taking a bus or train during rush hours is uncomfortable. Even so, in my opinion, the advantages of public transport outweigh the disadvantages.

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