The Government Investment In Arts, Music And Theatre Is A Waste Of Money

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According to some people, the government should not invest in arts or music as they offer little return on investment. In their opinion, public money should be spent on improving social services and infrastructure. While I do admit that it is important to spend money on public services, arts cannot and should not be ignored.

Arts, music and theatre showcase the unique culture of a country. Without government funding many art forms cannot survive in this age of multimedia where round the clock entertainment is available at the fingertip. Hence, if the government ignores the art sector, many unique forms of dance, music or painting will disappear. This will be a huge loss of culture and identity. The art forms represent a country on the global stage. For example, India has unique dance and music forms. They showcase the history and culture of the country and play a huge role in attracting tourists. Consequently, the government of India is spending money on promoting classical dance and music. This has not only enabled talented people to pursue these art forms but also helped the country attract foreign tourists and earn money. Obviously, the argument that investing in arts is a waste of money does not hold water because just like any other sector, the art sector is also capable of generating revenue and providing employment.

Of course, public services cannot be neglected. They are crucial for the growth and development of the country. Every government has to invest in health, education and infrastructure. If these sectors are ignored, no nation can progress. Worse still, poor public services can cause the people to revolt against the government. However, investment in public services must not be at the expense of the art sector because both of them are required for a country to prosper. Hence, the governments must certainly prioritize social welfare; at the same time, it should also allocate a small proportion of its annual budget for conserving art.

In conclusion, the government must invest in all areas that are crucial for the development of a country and preservation of its culture. While public services enhance the standard of living, the art sector protects the cultural identity of a nation and its people.

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